May 28, 2016

Review: La Reine de Saba

Reine Saba Paris 1

A few months ago, I took my housemates out for lunch to La Reine de Saba. I had been there once before with my friend Ari. On a sunny day last summer, we went exploring Belleville (some pictures here) and once it was time for lunch, Ari said, "How about ethiopian?" I had tried many cuisines but never ethiopian... And now I'm hooked! (unfortunately "hooked" in my world means I think about certain foods a lot, plan on going again sometime in the near future, but on a daily basis decide not to, either to try being healthy or to try saving money) 

Reine Saba Paris 2 Reine Saba Paris 3 Reine Saba Paris 4

Peter and Ruth and I enjoyed our lunch there too. I am obsessed with the Azifa starter. It's delicious. We weren't even able to finish our enormous plate, and that's saying something seeing as Peter is over six feet tall and eats four times as much as I do. If you're walking around Belleville or want a romantic date night, consider going to La Reine de Saba! It's lovely.

Reine Saba Paris 5

May 3, 2016

Two lunch spots in the Marais

breizh cafe 1 breizh cafe 2

Breizh Cafe

If it's 3pm and you're starving and you feel like eating crêpes for lunch, head to Breizh café. For normal hours, I recommend reserving a table! I like to go for a classic, like fromage, or saumon-crème fraîche but everything is delicious. Definitely leave room for dessert, as the apple, caramel & ice-cream crêpe is one of the most amazing things to exist. 

le pain quotidien 1 le pain quotidien 2

Le Pain Quotidien

I've yet to be disappointed by Le Pain Quotidien. I know, a chain of restaurants. What can I say? I love their menu, their ingredients, their healthy choices, and their not-so-healthy but incredible Brunette praline nut butter. This is one of the only times I allow myself to eat loads of bread! woohooo! There are quite a few around Paris, and seeing as they are open all day, it's a good place to eat if you're starving and every other place is closed. 

April 3, 2016


Paris Valentina Feb 2016 21

Paris these days...

Things have been better. Remarkably so.

My friend Christophe – who is the best house guest ever, I should add – found me a part time job with one of his friends. What I had thought would be waitressing is actually a magnificent trio of cooking, kitchen prep and waitressing. The other day I made lemon polenta cake as the dessert of the day. And last night I made olive oil brownies with rosemary ganache, and ricotta-honey feuilletés with a blood orange salad. All gone! Everyone happy. So this – all of it – makes me happy.

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 19 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 20 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 22 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 23 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 24

My wonderful housemate Ruth organized a sushi dinner. Look at that table full of sushi! awww yeah.

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 25

My "I just dyed my hair for the first time in two months" selfie.

Unfortunately this was in February and it's time to dye my hair again. This annoys me, it's not fun. But I like my copper hair, I do, I do.

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 26 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 27 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 28 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 29 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 33

The loft all beautiful and ready for the second Loft Session before everyone arrived. So much fun. At the last loft session, I played my songs at 4am with a cellist, a bass player and a fantastic guitarist. It was magical. Below are the organizers, angel Peter and devil Olivier. 

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 34 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 35 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 36 Paris Valentina Feb 2016 37

Face mask selfie. I have been slowly using up all the half finished lotions and masks and whatnot in my 'beauty' drawer. I thought I had too many lotions and beauty products, but I realize by going to other people's homes that I actually don't have more that others. There are three homes that I went to recently that had bathrooms FILLED with bottles! I still believe my pile is excessive, and I believe I can become even more of a minimalist in this area... but I'm no worse is all! And for someone who was beating herself up for being a creature of excess, it feels good to say to myself "You're not that bad" ;)

Paris Valentina Feb 2016 38

And that's all the pictures as of late! Cheers!

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