July 16, 2016


Wedding 1

I can't believe it's already been one week since the wedding... Last Saturday everyone got together for my mom's wedding. My cousin Izzy and my best friend/sister Hatley wore pink with me and we were sort of "bridesmaids" though apparently it's not really done here haha. I love this picture of the four of us: mothers & daughters... 

Wedding 2

Getting ready for the wedding... I used a bunch of Hatley and Izzy's makeup. I really do only own the basics. It's ok, I like it like that ;) I didn't end up doing anything with my hair. Thank god it looked ok in the end! My mom got her hair and make up done and looked stunning!

Wedding 3 Wedding 4

Right after the wedding. Everyone went outside for photos and then next door for the reception. It started with SNOW CONES (not in cones... some name?) Alcoholic for those who wanted. I wanted. Of course, hello vodka. And everything had those adorable cartoons of my mom and Ricardo!!! LOVE.

Wedding 5 Wedding 6 Wedding 7 Wedding 8 Wedding 10 Wedding 9

And then we danced the night away! So much fun! More photos to come :)

July 13, 2016


best food blog - molly yeh

It's been three weeks since I arrived to Colombia. So far, I've eaten a few of the things I love to get here... We've been to Clown's Deli twice already. We haven't gone to Sansai though, so the trip is not over yet! Yesterday night all my cousins and I had some "perros calientes" from 7 salsas. I don't actually eat the hot dog, so I got "perro sin salchicha"... It's hard to understand but the hot dogs in Colombia have loads of melted cheese and stuff, and who ever hated bread and cheese?! haha 

I haven't been able to stay up to date with all the food blogs that I like but I wanted to share a few of them with you. Some beautiful and wonderful blogs that make me want to invite all my friends or family and make a nice big meal full of delicious things. 

This list is by far finished. My list of bookmarks is frighteningly long. I wouldn't be able to go through all of them in one sitting if I tried. 

best food blogs best food blogs best food blogs 

July 10, 2016


colombia finca valentina

Been hanging out loads at out farm. Last weekend was magical. I probably have taken this same picture about 100 times over the years. I can't stop myself. I milked a cow in the morning – I'm not great at it yet but hopefully I'll do it again soon and then make my own cheese from it. The cheese we make at the farm is sooo fresh and delicious. Now I'm back in Cali. I just took a wonderful shower (after two days without one ahem...) and put on some fresh clothes. Ahhh that feeling!

Here are some links to interesting/fun articles, videos or just random things I liked on the internet. Have a great sunday! 

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