April 16, 2015


Fig Jam 1 Valentina Duracinsky Fig Jam 2 Valentina Duracinsky

150 calories snack: Fig jam + goat's cheese on rice cakes

Here I am, writing a "healthy snacks" post when I myself am not actually eating healthy.

two rice cakes: 50 cal
1 tbsp fig jam: 50 cal
15g goat's cheese: 45 cal
1/2 tsp bee pollen: 5 cal

Tortilla chips (fried... so good for the skin!), margaritas every day, many delicious spoonfuls of guacamole, tacos left and right, poutines with hot gravy and melted gooey cheese, way too many Lindt chocolate squares, macarons, hummus – healthy indeed but in large quantities not so much, on and on and on. And no exercise. Because "waitressing" doesn't really count, even though a lot of walking is involved. 
But my pants aren't fitting and my face is puffy, red and suddenly oily so maybe I should focus more on veggies and fruit and less on fat and sugar. Maybe I should eat when I'm hungry and not "because it's there" or "because it's free". 

This is a really simple snack. Some things are dangerous to have around the house (Lindt crème brulée chocolate squares, oh my GOD) and goat's cheese is one of them. Well, sometimes... it depends on my mood, anxiety, and other things. Also who says goat cheese and who says goat's cheese? because I say the first but I always feel like I should write it goat's cheese. I hate the sound of it though. Maybe I'll be myself from now on. Goat cheese. There!

I used to eat a lot of goat cheese with honey on bread. And one of my favorite recipes is a warm goat cheese salad with raspberry vinaigrette. It pairs well with sweet things, which makes this delicious as well. I'm sure any jam would work, but my obsession with fig has grown wild this past year (proof). If you try it, enjoy!

April 12, 2015



That is me with a dog... What a cute dog. As a child, I was obsessed. I would always want to be the dog in any dress up party or Halloween or whatever games we played where I could choose to be a dog. I don't remember much from those days. I have shockingly little childhood memories so I love going through old pictures! Here are some links for your last day of the week. Hopefully the weather is good and we can all go out and enjoy the sun. cheers!

Interesting & Thought Provoking 

beginner's guide to food photography

I need to do this asap: clean out your spice cabinet

books that blow minds? I might read a couple and see for myself!

I love lists. 100 greatest novels... Haven't read them all but a few a worthy to be on it! (ahem, Hemingway) (though I disagree with Madame Flaubert. That book haunts me. I almost died of boredom in highschool) (also yes to Jane Austen) (ok, no more parentheses) (against all punctuation rules)

damn, I need to complain less... read, read, read

things we forget to bring when we travel... yep!

Delicious & Beautiful

These guys make me want to travel non stop. Stunning

I wish I could go to one of Mimi's workshops. Fun!

my lady friend is beautiful. Oh Audrey!

Simple health tip that I sometimes try to remember to follow

Funny & Cute

Have you seen this video? Scared is scared. It's so so cute and I love it.

so you live in a dumpster, is life that bad?

stupid but so funny...

April 11, 2015


Dublin Ireland Whelan's

That is me. Singing some of my songs at Whelan's. It's hard to believe these pictures were taken two weeks ago. I feel like I just got back from Dublin, but no, it's been two weeks now. I miss my friends. Earlier today I was looking at flights – oh I am already dreaming of going back. But I probably will stay put for a while.

Dublin friends Ireland Howth

We didn't venture much out of Dublin. If we had more time, I would have wanted to, of course, but we only had a week and I wanted to spend it with the people. But the rest of Ireland is absolutely stunning and one of these days I'll take some time off (weeks, months, years!?) to travel around the country again. 

Dublin cat again Dublin 15 Dublin 16 Dublin Fumbally

I am still obsessed with the sunflower tahini spread (you can kind of see it in the picture, on the right) I had at the Fumbally the first day. 

Dublin cat Dublin selfie Howth

Wow, the quality of the "selfie" camera on the 4S is so so so bad – which I already knew but – SO bad compared to the newer iphones. But I never really take selfies so it's fine.

Dublin Guinness

And that's all the photos from our trip to Dublin. For the first time in a while, I don't have any travel plans at all planned, so expect loads of pictures of Paris. You know, the worst, right?

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