September 21, 2016


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La tarte citron – even though I ate this over a year ago, I still remember how good it was. The sablé biscuit was crumbly and buttery (as it should be) and the lemon cream was rich and tart. I've been experimenting making my own tarte au citron and I'd love to make it this beautiful for sure!

La tarte à la crème – good, decent tart. It was creamy, smooth and sweet. Not distinctive enough, maybe. I don't remember much about it in the end. However, as a whole, Liberté is a good place to check out. They have a lot of choices, and I'm sure something for everyone. 

review Caramel Val Duracinsky


Caramels – Decent caramels. The flavors weren't very pronounced though, so I don't think I'd be able to differentiate them with my eyes closed.

review Fred Val Duracinsky 2 review Fred Val Duracinsky

Aux merveilleux de Fred

merveilleux caramel/vanilla – two different ones. I think they even had coffee flavored merveilleux? They are to die for! Possibly my new favorite pastry shop. They have two sizes if you want to share or if you're really really hungry ;) A must on any pastry tour of Paris! Do it! And let me know what you think. 

September 18, 2016


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Some links to articles, videos, pages, photos, etc that have to do with fitness & health. I've been working out a lot lately, focusing a lot of weight lifting. It's difficult, it burns, and I love it. I've been seeing steady improvement and that's super exciting! 

  • amazing transformation pictures! I know how incredibly hard it is to lose weight and get fit so these are super motivating. 
  • The second photo above is a microwaved Quest bar. I freaking love Quest bars and I desperately want the blueberry muffin ones but it's not easy getting them in Paris. I must go to the US...
  • I've started following these two ladies on YouTube: Marissa and Valentina. They are so committed and strong. I love it! Even though I'd probably never enter a bikini competition ha!
  • definitely want to try some of these healthier muffin recipes. I bought some chickpea flour recently and made some great zucchini apple muffins... more experimenting, and then I'll share!
  • the wonderful Laura Miller started a new series called Talking in Circles where she invites people to talk openly about mental health issues. I really liked it!
  • do you have tight hips like me? I always make sure to save these types of posts on Pinterest... now I should probably DO THEM! Oh how I need to. 
  • I've been wanting to try a coffee flavored protein shake for ages. This one looks kind of promising...
  • a belly, butt & thighs workout that doesn't include squats (if you hate those! haha)
  • Follow Misty Copeland on instagram. Iza Goulart also posts great little workout videos on hers. And if you're into Ballet you can follow this lady
  • Foodwise, here are some instagram super stars: Deliciously Ella, I quit Sugar, Nutrition Stripped, The Natural Nutritionist, Eating Bird Food, My New Roots

September 13, 2016


It's no secret I love Sylvan Esso. I have been listening to their album all year long (and last year too). I think they are so talented and their songs are beautiful, some catchy, some emotional; in fact, if I need a good cry, I listen to Uncatena. So here it is for you today.

Uncatena :: Sylvan Esso (KEXP)

If you like Sylvan Esso, you might love to know that they have a new single out called Radio. Listen to it HERE. Can you please also give me some good music to listen to these days? I need something new and exciting! Have a great week. Vx

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