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March 14, 2012


Maybe you'll remember my first Blog Crush post on Miss James from Bleubird Vintage?
This second one is about...
 Elizabeth, the wonderful person behind Delightfully Tacky!

My favorite thing about her... Well, there are several things!
 I love that she went on the road with her Winnebago Brave. AMAZING JOURNEY.

I would love to do something like she did... She gave some GREAT TIPS. Really, check them out if you want to travel around the country, and find campgrounds, and be alive at the end... My problem? I can't drive. I really don't know when I'll learn... I don't want to. It seems so complicated. Two uncles in Colombia have tried to teach me how to drive an automatic and a manual. If I ever learn, no way am I using a manual... My very, very patient uncle tried to teach me how to drive a manual. It was a very old car. It was soooo hard. I hated it.. 

I love love love the interior of the Winne!! She made it incredibly beautiful, and I can see how she would feel at home. The colors are fantastic. 
She also posts a lot of 'what I wore today' type things. And she dresses so well! I think most readers would agree that her hair is awesome. She did this color once... WOW. Gotta have guts to dye your hair pink + blue!!! I think I can try to find a picture to show you. Oh and yes, it actually DID look good on her. I love people who have fun with their hair. After all, it grows out right? 

I don't know about you, but sometimes I don't feel like everyone is really living life... Like, we're all alive, but are we really taking advantage of everything around us? Are we really living? Elizabeth is one of those people that I read about and I say, yeah, she is LIVING the life. She's experiencing things!  Which is why I think she always sounds so wise in everything she writes. Above all, I admire her ability to be alone. She didn't need other people to go on this journey. Most people are too afraid to do things if they're alone. Sometimes, I certainly am one of them. When I went to Ireland in January, I left on an earlier flight than my friend. I had about 9 hours to kill before her arrival. At night, I wanted to go out to a pub, but I was alone, and all the pubs were so crowded, I knew I would feel lonely and look stupid at the counter drinking Guinness by myself. I walked all around Temple Bar several times, wishing I had someone with me. I'm so shy - I couldn't make myself open the door to any pubs! I felt so bad. So stupid for being so shy and dumb! I was pretty much ready to just head back to the hostel, when I passed a really small, not too crowded pub. Fitzgerald's. There was live music at 9:30PM. Yup. Sounded great. So I made myself open the door to the pub and I went in! I felt so much better already! Turns out, the two guys who were singing were extremely nice. They talked to people in the pub, and they even talked to me! "Hey girl with the red bag! Where are you from?" California. So they called me "California" after that. After a while, I felt close to everyone 'cause we were all laughing and listening together. And luckily, the two nice men found out I was also a singer, and made me sing a song! everyone loved me so much, I was asked to come back the next day to sing another song ('cause the guys would be back)! That's my lovely story that I will always remember. Sometimes you just got to forget all your shyness, forget that you're alone, and go out to see the world. And I admire Elizabeth so much for taking this trip. I think she's 25 years old... and she's seen more, experienced more than so many people her age. 

--- All pictures from her wonderful blog! GO CHECK IT OUT 

Love, Freedom & Truth



Janice said...

Wow look at that hair! amazing hahahahaaa

Anonymous said...

Love her!

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