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March 4, 2012

Pretty Little Things

Here are some pretty tattoos! 

What you will notice is... 
1. I'm not a big fan of color tattoos.
2. I like words, quotes, lyrics... as long as you can READ them. Tattoos that are really hard to read just frustrate me.
3. I like birds. They remind me of Bell X1
4. I like hearts. 'Cause I love love!
5. I think small tattoos are nice! 
6. I do prefer tattoos on certain places on the body. They are in order (body parts) here, so it's pretty easy to know which places I like.
7. I like tattoos that MEAN something. Like, I wouldn't get a tattoo of a hotdog...

VERY pretty

Love it!
Ahhh love!
I love this tattoo on miss James from Bleubird!
Devin is probably the only guy featured here, huh? Well, as I told him, I'm a big fan of his tattoos! They look very good!
Wouldn't get this, but who doesn't think it's awesome?

If you have seen these tattoos somewhere else, don't hesitate to comment, and I will add the source.

Love, Freedom & Truth,



Chloe said...

I think you might like my quote tattoo :D

Valentina Duracinsky said...

Chloe, send it over if you'd like!

Morgan said...

These are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty tattoos!

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