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March 31, 2012

What I wore in Boston

Hello folks,

Aaah... So I just woke up... 11am. Not quite true. I was awake at 9am. But fell back asleep. Weirdly, I had a dream about the Ballroom Thieves. Well, not just them. Loads of people were in my dream.

My friend Alex had brown hair in my dream, so when I saw her at brunch in Cushing 20 minutes ago, I told her she looks good as a brunette. The Ballroom Thieves appeared at a great time, right after a nightmare. It was a nightmare within a nightmare. For some reason, I was trying to get food (even in my sleep, I think of food) in a big kitchen (like one at Smith C) and then someone grabs me, they're holding a knife or something, so I close my eyes (good God, if this were real life...) and it was as if I had woken up, I was in my bed, but I could still feel the person's hand grabbing my wrist and I just hoped they'd... leave. Then my family was there. My cousin Juan Pablo was there, I remember. My mom. My grandmother. She accidentally let out a dog that was sick and if he touched you, licked you, bit you, ... I don't know what would happen, maybe you'd die. Anyway, all that disappeared, and somehow I was hanging with the Ballroom Thieves and they wanted to go skiing. I remember mountains... I also remember having to go up a fence and through a little window that wasn't completely open. Devin helped me up because I couldn't really do it alone. We didn't actually ski... Did we? Hmmm... I just remember that they were taking me somewhere (we may have "also" been in Boston - it's a dream) and there were a lot of obstacles and I needed to be helped a lot. Martin was wearing his shades. Then I remember Devin showing me an old picture of Martin where he had tattoos all over his body (arms and chest, he was not naked, no no, I don't dream of that) and long hair... in braids. We were then in a sushi restaurant, and we tried some really good sushi (yes, I remember it tasting good - strange, didn't know it was possible). And... aaah, I don't know anymore! It's been 40 minutes. That's good enough!

So I know I went to Boston a week ago... But there's been a lot going on! I just found out something about myself. Nothing life-altering but I find it a little bit shocking! Just... weird that I hadn't noticed at all before Rachel pointed it out. Apparently, I love to dress in blue. Why? Because every single day in Boston, I wore blue. Every. single. day. Not on purpose!! The things I buy, the dresses, the rompers, the jeans, the skirts... a lot of them are blue. It's not a bad thing. It's just strange, since blue isn't even my favorite color. Purple is! Yet, I have almost nothing purple. Anyway, it's just one of those funny little things you just realize when someone points it out to you.








Funny story: 
Rachel, the crazy person who came with me to Boston, looks at two pictures of me from our trip: one from Thursday, one from Friday. I point at the one from Friday when I had the highlights in my hair, and I say: "See, I really do like these highlights!" 
She then points at the other picture and says "Yeah, they look good in this one!" 
I look at her and say: "Rachel, that picture was taken before we dyed our hair..."

Love, Freedom & Truth


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Anonymous said...

Blue suits you!

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