May 11, 2012



Today, we got up, went to the Apple store and... well, we bought a new computer. Same one. MacBook Pro. I only trust MacBook computers! The guy came out saying the insides of my computer were completely soaked in red wine. He's 99% sure the hard drive is okay, and they're working on transferring everything to my new computer. I also got an external hard drive and a bunch of CDs for my pictures and all that. As my grandmother put it, that was one expensive glass of wine.

Today, I discovered a box full of stuff from my childhood. When I was seven and we moved to Spain, we left a lot of things behind, and a lot of them ended up in my grandparents' attic. There was a bag with my baby teeth. It was kinda creepy. An old dress.. Some of my drawings. There was a notebook from my preschool years at Rivendell, where they put photos, and even wrote down some stuff they overheard me saying. These two conversations made me laugh so much!
Valentina to Abe: "When I grow up, I will marry somebody. Maybe it will be you and maybe not. We'll have to wait and see."
Abe: "When we grow up we will get married but Godzilla won't live at our house." 
Valentina: "No, except if he is very friendly he could visit us. But if he roars one time he has to go away, right?"

It was really nice going through all my old stuff. I also went through a loooot of pictures, and a lot of my dad's stuff. I found a French metro card from the late 80s, a London subway map, a map of Ireland with all the different hostels, letters, school work. Had I found the school work years ago, I could have said "AHA! You weren't perfect in school either!" 

Got another person helping me with my stay in Ireland. Very grateful. 
People... they're not that bad, are they? In my experience so far as a human being living on this planet, Irish people have been the nicest.

I'd like to leave you with that thought. Cheers!

Love, Freedom & Truth,


Photo: Me, my father& my grandfather


Sarah said...

Is that you? so cute :P

Anonymous said...

Good thing you recovered everything on harddrive !
it is shame to lose this kinds of things!

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