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May 29, 2012

Munich Fun


Munich, Germany [Day 1]

I guess before I go back to posts about Italy, I'll show you some pics of our first day in Germany! I have 500 pics of Italy that I have to go through so.... that'll take a while haha

I'm here with my mom, her sister ( = my aunt and uncle), my grandma and my cousin Al. My cousin Nick (from my dad's side of the family) has been living in Munich for the past year, and his grandparents came to see him at the same time that we decided to come... so we all met up!


There you can see my cousin Al on the left and my aunt Bibi with her back to the camera on the right. I wore my Ray Ban sunglasses, Delia's dress with the cute animal print and a colombian bag that I love.

That picture was taken by my mom (who is now sitting behind me on the bed, combing my hair trying to get rid of the knots - I didn't bring a comb to Italy, so I lived 9 days without combing my hair. This is what I get). My mom and cousin kept teasing, saying my socks didn't go with the dress (snif snif)... I love those shoes! First time wearing them. Love.

My cousin Alejandro is pretty crazy, as you can see. When we're walking around town, he'll wander off and then skip back. You never know where he is, but he always finds his way back. And he talks a whole lot.

Abuelita by vduracinsky  on

That is a picture of my mom and my grandma (abuelita) who came all the way from her home in Colombia. We have a very loving family down in South America... It's one of my favorite places to go.

Cousins by vduracinsky  on 500px.comLeft to right: Alejandro, Nick, Me. This was taken when we first saw Nick! I was so happy!

Family by vduracinsky  on 500px.comThe whole family! Left to right: Nick, Linda, Bibi, Francisco, Abuelita, Mami, Me, Al 

Surf by vduracinsky  on
Munchen by vduracinsky  on
Park by vduracinsky  on 500px.comNick was our tour guide for the day, and he really wanted us to see the river surfing in the English Garden... it was awesome! We also sat down for a beer and some food. I had a sausage. Yummy! And lastly, here is a picture of my lovely cousin and me. It was great to see him, and I think we'll hang out again tomorrow.. Can't wait! Germany, you've been good to me so far!

Nick 2 by vduracinsky  on

Love, Freedom & Truth,


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Anonymous said...

Munich is fun! :D

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