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June 1, 2012



Last day in Munich! Also, last post about Munich before the Italy posts! ah! Order, Valentina... 
Tons of photos to go through, tons to delete... still love it. I love traveling, and I'm so glad I got to go to Italy and Germany my first two weeks back home. It actually helped beat jetlag! I couldn't just stay in bed late, and after walking for hours, I was exhausted at night, so it was perfect. I'm actually glad we did this the day after I landed in Paris.


Now I'm looking forward to seeing my lovely friends and to be home in beautiful Paris! Who wouldn't love to be there? If you're ever in Paris, I'll give you a tour haha. I actually can't wait for a couple of things at home: I want to make albums with pictures we have from years ago, I want to organize all my papers, I want to watch movies while deleting and editing pictures, I want to read in the park, and I want to write more in my journal... Ok, that's more than "a couple" things. I just really want to organize my room, have it be all clean and nice and beautiful! Sometimes I feel like I'm turning into Monica Geller... which is fine, because I love Chandler, too! My mom and I are thinking of a weekend in Luxembourg soon - fun! And I want to go to some new countries with friends who want to travel! And, obviously, Ireland in July.


How are you all doing? I hope the sun is shining for you, and if it's not, I hope you don't mind the weather. Really, I try not to let weather ruin any of my days. Today, my grandmother, mother and I went out and I was wearing a nice blue dress... but I didn't know it was going to be cold outside! So... I bought some pants after walking around for an hour with cold legs. See? Thanks to the weather, I got some nice new pants! Mint color, I believe... Lately, I've been really into clothes, mixing and matching, etc. Reminds me of when I was thirteen and wanted to be a clothing designer. Back then, though, I wanted all this fancy stuff: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci... urgh! Now I'm not into that at all. I don't need a thousand dollar tank top, thank you very much. Now what I love are colors, the fun of putting an outfit together... I love H&M, for example, because you can get a bunch of stuff for little money (and I actually think they've got great quality items in there!) and then have fun mixing your wardrobe up! That's just me...


Si mes amis français sont en train de lire: J'ai hâte de vous voir! Envoyez moi des textos pour me dire quand on se voit! Je veux tous vous voir, dès ce weekend! (mais laissez moi dormir samedi...) Vraiment, si vous avez envie d'aller n'importe où avec moi, "I'm game": Maison de campagne, plage, Amsterdam, Écosse, Londres, ou le pub d'à côté. 


Love, Freedom & Truth, 



Anonymous said...

Love all these pics. Your so talented and you're so beautiful, as well as your family! :)


Valentina Duracinsky said...

Thanks Crysta! That's so sweet <3

Hope your summer is going well!


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