June 10, 2012


Paris 1 Paris 2 Paris 3 Paris 4 Paris 5 Paris 6 Paris 7 Paris 8 Paris 9 Paris 10 Paris 11 Paris 12 Paris 13 Paris 14 Paris 15

I'm really glad my Californian friend came because I got to go out a lot,  saw a lot of things, and was able to take loads of pictures. It's getting really tricky because sometimes I don't know which are my personal pictures and which are pictures for the blog. I don't really have anything to hide, but there are so so so many pictures that it's hard to choose which ones to post. Digital cameras make it so easy to take useless pictures, or three hundred pictures of the same thing. I really want to get myself a film camera... what pictures would I take with it? Once again, you're limited to 24 pictures - what moments do you choose to remember with a picture? That's why I'm such a neat freak when it comes to pictures. Right now there are 5552 pictures on iPhoto and tomorrow - after Rachael is gone - I'm taking a day off from everyone and everything. Tomorrow is a me day. I'm going to sit down and delete hundreds of pictures. I'm going to throw away things, organize my room even more. Make myself a face mask. Do sit-ups. Watch Family Guy. Cook! I'll definitely share my cooking adventures with you. I've already four recipes to share!

Photos above... 
  1. Me being silly (though I rarely post them, there's always at least one silly picture for every session!)
  2. Pouring some white wine
  3. Best friend Eloise & myself
  4. Eloise's sunglasses
  5. Rachael & Eloise walking the streets of Paris
  6. Happy Val after finding a thrift store 
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Rachael... Love this picture!!
  9. Books at Shakespeare & Co
  10. Typical Parisian stuff...
  11. Penguins... yeah
  12. Strict Paris
  13. Getting ready to blow some bubbles
  14. Blowing a bubble
  15. Metro station around St Germain 
Hope you like the black & white pictures of Paris! Maybe I'll go visit Rachael in Freiburg for a couple days and have even more pics of Germany! Also, I may go to Barcelona soon... Hope it happens!

Love, Freedom & Truth,


PS. There seems to be some kind of european football thing going on... I don't care much for it, but.. Go, Ireland!  If you enjoy football/soccer then have fun watching men kick a ball around a field. I will be happily sleeping in the next room. But don't forget about me.. I'm still here. 

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Jan said...

Great pictures!! i love paris!

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