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July 28, 2012



I thought all the feelings I had in Ireland would stay with me, but they're kind of... gone. I was a happy girl over there, taking the advice of my temporary housemate: letting go of things and just not caring too much. But I've caught myself feeling a little sad. A little sad to be here... I may be the first person alive to be sad to be in Paris! I exaggerate, of course. Paris isn't the problem. I had two magical weeks in Dublin and it's completely normal for me to be sad to leave. But I don't like the feeling of wanting to go back soooo much. I know that I'll be back next summer but here I am thinking "Ah, I wish it was next summer already!" That's bad though. I want to enjoy every day until then. Enjoy the present, and not wish for the future, because time goes by so incredibly quickly, I should hope every day lasts an eternity! I'll be fine, of course. I miss my friends, I miss the atmosphere, I miss the city... but I'll be totally fine. Ireland did change me! Or the people there... probably a mix of everything. So it's not like everything I learned there is gone!


I'll be back before I know it. Until then, life is happening here!

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.45.21 PM


Sarah said...

I've neever been to Ireland! It seems like a great place!
XOXO Sarah

Sienna and Emilee said...

Those rocks are soo cool! they look like stone honeycomb. Ireland is somewhere i have always wanted to visit. It looks so uniquely beautiful and green.


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