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July 26, 2012



I'm back home... or am I? While I was in Dublin, I was asked "Where are you from?" more times than I can remember... and I never had the perfect answer. Do I say California? In fact, I did say California because that's where I was born, but I moved to Spain when I was seven, so I can hardly remember my time there... Then I spent half my life in Paris, and this is where my parents still live. Now I'm in college in Massachusetts but do I say that? If I say Paris, people think I'm French, which I really am not. I'm afraid of the stereotypes that come with each place. The truth is, all these places made me into who I am. Even Ireland and Colombia have a role. And if "home is where your heart is" then my heart is scattered all over the world... a big chunk still in Dublin, even. It's my least favorite question in the world yet a normal question, so I should probably come up with a good answer soon enough. 


I want to tell you all about my trip, but it would be soooo long... However it is time to get back to blogging, and I want to sit down and write about it once and for all. What I can say is that is was truly the most amazing trip ever. Definitely two of the best weeks of my life. I stayed with my (wonderful!) friend Anthony of The Young Folk and his two housemates (one is also a musician) and I felt at home. You know how at the end of a trip one usually thinks "Ok, this has been great but I'm tired and ready to go home and lay in my perfect bed"? That didn't happen. I felt so so comfortable with them! I felt like I'd been there forever, it was normal and fun. I didn't want to leave. I wish I was there now... but life is full of disappointments, like having to leave haha. And like they all kept telling me, I'll be back. Next summer, I'll be there.


My two weeks were filled with fun, laughter, smiles... lots of drinking - mainly lattes and Baileys w/ ice for me. I was all worried about my birthday but it was perfect in the end! I think that was the day I really started to change. I was putting so much pressure on the day just for being a birthday. But in the end, it's just a day... That's when I finally started to "go with it". Things happen, let them happen. Every day, instead of having real plans, when Anthony asked what I wanted to do, or if I wanted to do this or that, I said "Sure, anything. Take me anywhere. I'll be fine!" And that's exactly how the two weeks went by. I was perfectly happy with anything. And when I say happy, I mean it. I usually get sad from time to time, but I was happy for two weeks straight. I took any opportunity and just said "Let's do it!" to everything. I met thousands of people, all so different, and so interesting in their own way. I drank loads of Baileys. I sat in one special café for hours on end with my friend Graham and often his (reaaally nice) friend James.


My birthday was just that. Graham picked me up and we went to the café where James joined us. We had lunch, many lattes and before I knew it, I was getting rather hungry again! When I asked what time it was, I was quite surprised to hear that five hours had flown by and that it was time for dinner. Another friend of theirs had joined us, and we all went to get burgers. After that, I met two french friends who happened to be in Dublin too!! Amazing. We went out for cocktails, then met Anthony, Paul (also an amazing musician in The Young Folk) and his girlfriend Fiona. We had shots (baby guinness for me, thank you very much), Baileys, beer... it was 3AM before we got home!


At the end of the trip, Anthony asked me what the highlights of my trip were. I had no real answer. Every moment was special, but I should say that being on the guest list for Lisa's concert and being invited to the after party... probably one of my favorite moments in my life. I could never thank James and Graham enough for taking me! That's where I talked to Paul, and got to speak with Myles (in photo 4) for hooours! Nicest man ever! Wonderful laugh too. I love people with great laughs.

I've come back a new person. It's a new and improved Valentina!

Photo 1: Graham, Paul Noonan and myself
Photo 2: Anthony and me
Photo 3: Latte
Photo 4: Graham and amazing filmmaker/"witnesser"/director Myles O'Reilly 
Photo 5: Lisa Hannigan in all her glory

(I'll post more pictures soon!) 



Angela said...

Super post! J'aime beaucoup les photos!

Angela Donava

Francesca said...

love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Valentina Duracinsky said...


Valentina Duracinsky said...

Thank you Francesca!

Freya Lily said...

Say you're a mutt! I think there's nothing wrong in that :) I believe the problem with American youth (including children and people in their 20's like me) is that they NEVER TRAVEL. They never go experience life OUTSIDE of the US. At least that's what I've experienced. Most people I know back home have never really live anywhere BUT Oregon City, OR and it drives me crazy. I am by no means an experienced traveler but I am giving it a shot!!

MoWo said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! More photos and stories!!! Maybe a trip top 10?

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