August 14, 2012


Ho hey! Here is the first post on Barcelona! I'll share what I wore there... Some of my favorite outfits! The first dress has little elephants on it – love it! Then probably one of my FAVORITE bathing suits ever. So comfy, so pretty! I bought the Benetton shorts in Barcelona. I kneeew they would look good with the red top – Yay! Lastly, the romper. Best romper ever. So comfy, so light, so amazing! It was extremely hot there, but I survived! I actually wore that romper several times. It was the lightest thing I brought with me. I absolutely need to buy more things like it. I don't stand heat that well, and can only enjoy my time if my clothes are light and breezy and comfy. That's why I like cold weather, people. 

IMG_9018 IMG_9022 IMG_9042 IMG_9176 IMG_9169 IMG_9162 IMG_9232 IMG_9384 IMG_9337 IMG_9345 IMG_9421 IMG_9450 IMG_9457 IMG_9541 IMG_9543 IMG_9564

Outfit 1: Ruche elephant dress
Outfit 2: Garage bathing suit
Outfit 3: Killah tank top + Benetton shorts
Outfit 4: Delia's romper

Be back with bits & pieces of Barcelona again soon !

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.45.21 PM

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Angela said...

Tes tenues sont tres chouettes!J'adore

Angela Donava

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