August 16, 2012


Slowly, I transition back into becoming a blogger... I did take a reeeally long break, there! and while it  did feel good, I remember loving to blog, to share, to go through pictures, and once I got back from Ireland and then Barcelona, I felt like I lost that little pleasure for a while! It's coming back. It's not blogging that I have the problem with right now, it's the internet. It completely sucks me in at times. I'll start watching some old TV show I forgot about, and then I'll start doing things while watching the show, and then I'll find other things to waste my time on, and then I'll read blogs, go on Pinterest for lovely inspiration, answer emails, talk to friends on Facebook... until I'm not even happy anymore! I want to read more, listen to more music (which is also a problem, 'cause I only have my ipod and my computer! I need a record player soon!) and just get off the computer a lot more.

Here are the last pictures of Barcelona!

IMG_9177 IMG_9194 IMG_9299 IMG_9155 IMG_9012 IMG_9062 IMG_9386 IMG_9389 IMG_9069 IMG_9071 IMG_9073 IMG_9074IMG_9496 IMG_9509IMG_9371 IMG_9646 IMG_9661 IMG_9662 IMG_9529 IMG_9548 IMG_9567


Angela said...
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Angela said...

Elles sont superbes les photos!J'adore

Angela Donava

Diana Marks said...

amazing photos! thanks for sharing!
If you like it, follow my blog about life and fashion in LA, on Bloglovin'. Let me know in the comments and I will follow back ;)

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Dora said...

you have such a nice feeling in these photos :)
I visited Barcelona a few months ago as well, and fell in love with the place. Atmosphere is so warm and caring (and fruits are cheap..)!


Alison said...

Barcelona and it's food looks amazing! Except for that one of the fish. He looked scary. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Awesome the one of you in your blue dress and have a fabulous style capturing amazing scenes....I feel like I am there with you ha ha Have a great day!!

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