August 28, 2012


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All pictures taken with my dad's iphone
Photo 1. Me at the park Tuilleries
Photo 2. Park Tuilleries
Photo 3. View of the Louvre
Photo 4. Silly parents
Photo 5. My mom's frozen yoghurt with rasberries and mango
Photo 6. Mom's feet, my feet
Photo 7. Delicious cheese that I wanted to buy
Photo 8. We walked by the animaleries, and I loved this dog
Photo 9. and this one told me to take him home... Look at his eyes!
Photo 10. I also want this cat. Adorable! I love kittens...
Photo 11. Crepe I ate - delicious. Ham and cheese
Photo 12. Choosing some new plants for my room in Paris (fairly easy for my dad to take care of)
Photo 13. Amazing collection of owls. Totally going back next year!
Photo 14. We walked by the english bookstore Shakespeare & Co
Photo 15. and then by The Abbey Bookstore where I bought this Hemingway book.
Photo 16. Drinking mojitos and piña coladas at the Rhumerie
Photo 17. My dad with his mojito
Photo 18. Eating Saint Félicien cheese on delicious bread with walnut in it. Amazing

It was a great last day in Paris! Now I'm at my grandparents' and it's going well too. Yesterday my grandfather and I went to a music store where I found a guitar I've wanted since I was twelve and saw it first. It's not that expensive (compared to 3000 dollar guitars) but I can't get it right now. I already know the guitar I want and it's a beautiful guitar. It's also a "normal-looking" guitar, while the one from yesterday is quite different. I showed my friend a picture yesterday and he went "eek!" but when I pick it up, it feels amazing, the sound is incredible, and I guess I like that it's weird. The guy at the store said it's a pretty rare guitar so they won't always have it all the time. I said "prob not many people want it" to which he responded "That is true!" and made that weighing-your-options hand gesture. We didn't leave empty handed, I bought a stand that I can use for my ukelele or mandolin. It's great! 
I'm so excited about decorating and putting everything away in my room at Smith! I can't believe I'm a junior. I want to tell you about the rugs that I bought, but I'll wait and give you a "tour" of my room once I'm done unpacking. I think I'll also wait until I get my new instruments... It's going to be a great year!

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Little Tree Vintage said...

isnt paris so magical? i love it and miss it so much!

Askadelia said...

Paris so magical)
My dream it's visit this city)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be so sad if the guitar was gone?

And for years you'd think, "I should've just bought it, why didn't I just buy it?"

Then, one day you'd see it.

Like a prodigal child.

In the arms of an elderly man.

He's plays sweetly, but purposefully, for those subway passengers.

You smile to yourself, and continue on your way.

Maybe it wasn't meant to be your guitar after all.

Valentina Duracinsky said...

You should! :) Vx

Valentina Duracinsky said...

It sure is! Vx

Valentina Duracinsky said...

It would be sad, but guitar center isn't the only place to find it... Vx

Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

All these cheeses! so yummy!

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