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August 30, 2012


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Necklace c/o Lisa Leonard / Top: Zara / Skirt: thrifted / Shoes: Penneys (Ireland)

This may be one of my favorite outfits ever. Ever. This skirt may be one of my favorite skirts ever. Ever! I found it in a small thrift store in Paris... We were going by and I just had to stop. I saw one skirt, and then started picking out every single one that looked like something I would wear. I had about ten skirts under my arm and my dad patiently waited as I tried them all on. I actually shop more with my dad than with my mom. It's ok, my dad has good taste in clothes! I didn't know if I liked this one that much but then I tried it on... Lovely! and now, with the red top – same exact red as the flowers on the skirt! – I love it even more. It's super comfy too. Also... finally a good shot of the necklace! I love it. My grandfather took these pictures – nice huh? 
Yesterday we went to the Martin guitar factory and went on a tour. It's unbelievable! That's all, really. I can't wait to get my Martin next week... Very excited. 

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.45.21 PM


Angela said...

La jupe est tres belle!J'adore!
Angela Donava

Freya Lily said...

LOVE the skirt. It's a great set of colors on you!

Anna @ IHOD said...

That skirt is utterly fantastic! so feminine and fun!!
:)Cheers, Anna

M. said...

You look so pretty! :) beautiful photos!

Valentina Duracinsky said...

Merci! Vx

Valentina Duracinsky said...

Thanks ! Vx

Valentina Duracinsky said...

Thank you so much!


Valentina Duracinsky said...

I love it too! :) Vx

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