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September 17, 2012


Hello my dear readers! I came up with an exciting idea the other day, and so... I made it happen. I decided to put together an outfit for each one of my instruments... So here is my first outfit with the beloved harmonium!

IMG_2447 IMG_2459 IMG_2456

I'm so very in love with this instrument! It's amazing! The sound that comes out of it... Wow... I can't tell you why I picked this outfit for the harmonium... I just "felt it" haha. Had to be yellow tights. The boots are new, sent to me by the wonderful Blowfish shoes. They're amazing! I love 'em. I'm actually also wearing them today! Today is very similar to this outfit haha. I'm wearing that dress, black tights, mustard colored sweater and the boots, with owl earrings my mom gave me for Christmas ♡ The necklace was given to me by Deuce, a lovely Etsy shop with beautiful jewelry! I love love love it too. It's so nice and simple. I feel like it adds something special to this outfit!

IMG_2454 IMG_2478 IMG_2460 IMG_2477 IMG_2465 IMG_2468 IMG_2461 IMG_2444

Outfit: Necklace c/o Deuce / Dress: H&M / Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes / Bracelet: Homemade

I'll be back later this week with Part 2! Stay tuned...

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.45.21 PM


Freya Lily said...

Love the dress, looks great on you

Leona said...

Great idea! and I'm loving the boots and tights!

Molly McIsaac said...

ooooh, clever idea! You look so effortless and fashionable. LOVE the yellow and blue (one of my favorite color combos!)

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