October 29, 2012


IMG_5083 IMG_5050
This is Kady. She's usually behind the camera, but here she is for all to see! Here at Smith College, classes have been cancelled for the day because of hurricane Sandy... Though it's a little windy, it isn't  that bad yet, so we wanted to take a walk while we still could... We went back to the beautiful red leaves and took some nice pictures with them. Ah, autumn! Last night, I got a headache around 9:30pm and closed my eyes "for a bit"... I woke up at 1:30am with Kady asleep on the couch and me asleep on my bed. I don't like to fall asleep with jeans on, but I actually slept quite well. Unfortunately after that I wasn't able to fall asleep until 4am... argh! Oh well, I'm not too tired today which is good. Everyone is ready for the storm, at least food-wise. I have a drawer full of things, candy, granola, bagels (...) and a fridge full of cheese, yoghurt and milk... Right now Kady and I are sipping delicious tea and just hanging in my room listening to Lisa Hannigan (of course). 
IMG_5084 IMG_5057 IMG_5069 IMG_5095 IMG_5075 IMG_5074 IMG_5059 IMG_5086 IMG_5144 IMG_5101
Coat c/o BB Dakota • T-shirt: Ralph Lauren • Jeans: Bullhead Black • Necklace c/o Deuce • Boots: Dr Martens

I love this coat from BB Dakota. It's comfy and colorful and perfect for the autumn weather and colors. I also love how it looks with the green scarf and how suddenly a simple jeans + t-shirt outfit looks so much better thanks to the fancy coat. I'm a big fan of Dr Martens. I have two pairs and they're just amazing. These red ones are four years old or so and still look brand new. 
I would like to welcome my first sponsors, Ever+Mi Crush! Exciting, exciting! Remember the dress they were so kind to send? Go check out their amazing selection. 

Stay safe everyone, hopefully the storm will pass soon... Vx

October 26, 2012


IMG_4704 IMG_4709 IMG_4707 IMG_4744 IMG_4763
Cardigan: H&M • Top: Forever 21 • Skirt: Thrifted • Jewelry c/o Chandler the Robot • Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes • Leather bag gift from my dad • Headband: Forever 21

Hey there! Here I am, editing pictures, watching FRIENDS, and hanging out in my room. I really like this outfit... I have so many things you haven't seen yet! Woo! Outfit posts are the best. These pictures were taken by Bing Bing - thanks Bing Bing! 

Here is a great song: 

Cheers! I'll be back tomorrow with more to say, hopefully... 
PS. That's one great wink there, huh... Oh yeah.
IMG_4438 Hi there... It's been a busy week but I'll be back later today with another outfit post. It's hard to find time during the week to take pictures. I can't take them myself so I have to see if one of my friends is available, and since they all have different schedules, it doesn't always work out. However Kady has kindly accepted to take pictures today after her afternoon class. By the way, I thought I'd give credit to my friends for the last outfit posts. 
Anna and Crysta helped me a lot last semester but I can't really remember who took which pictures... I do remember that Crysta had a lot of fun so I'll have to ask for her help sometime this semester as well! Thanks to everyone for helping. It's always fun!


October 23, 2012


MONDAY NIGHT: I'm comfortably laying on this great couch Nikki gave me, in my room at Smith College... Long day, good day. Working with the kids was fun. Little Z cried because E pushed her. Poor little Z! She's such a cutie with the sweetest little voice. S was tired today and each time we started a book, she closed it after five pages and wanted to start another one. I sound like Gossip Girl. Speaking of GG, new episode tonight. I shall watch it if it's not too late... I went to the gym for an hour today. It's so easy to let yourself go...! When I don't exercice at least three times a week, I feel different... lazy, less fit. I enjoy going to the gym, I enjoy eating healthy and seeing positive results so that's what I'm doing. While I wait for Gossip Girl, I shall watch the presidential debate. Yes, Obama! We love you. 
IMG_4555 IMG_4515 IMG_4522 IMG_4458 IMG_4445 IMG_4419 IMG_4441 IMG_4426 IMG_4427 IMG_4513 IMG_4388 IMG_4574 IMG_4587 IMG_4586 IMG_4585 IMG_4390
Coat:  Mango  Dress c/o Ever+Mi Crush • Shoes: Andre • Necklace gift • Bracelet gift • Bag c/o Lodinatt

TUESDAY AFTERNOON: So apparently I've written this post in two different times, which might be weird when you read it. I'm at the library, and I just finished rehearsing a couple songs with violinist Sarah. Concert is November 8th and I'll be opening for a wonderful band called Kindlewood. Exciting. Now let me tell you about this outfit... I absolutely love this dress. It's so funny because when Christen of Ever+Mi Crush contacted me, I had been dreaming about getting a Dear Creatures dress for just a couple hours... How did they know! The dress came wrapped in beautiful paper and was so pretty I almost didn't want to tear off the wrapping paper... I don't know why but lately I have been loving everything with a nautical theme... I'm currently looking for any piece of clothing with anchors! This dress is pretty nautical in my opinion. I love it. so. much. Dear Creatures has the best collection this fall... it's amazing! I really want this dress too. It's so beautiful and simple (remember how much I love simplicity...) Em, I also want the Moby dress and the Madeline dress - both in navy. As I said, I love Dear Creatures. You can find a lot of cute items on Ever+Mi Crush. Check out their coats. (Anyone out there also obsessed with coats?) You can also follow them on Facebook. I'll be back soon with more outfits, and I can tell you already that you'll certainly be seeing this dress again...

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.45.21 PM

October 19, 2012


IMG_4170 IMG_4171 IMG_4167 IMG_4175 IMG_4191 IMG_4199

Hey there! This seems like a very "autumn" outfit to me. I remember when I fell in love with this dress back in January! Ah, so pretty. Such wonderful colors. I wore a couple more Chandler the Robot pieces with this outfit! There's the original Chandler, he's so cute! And I love the Out of Time earrings and necklace. They're so great and so unique! Everything from Chandler the Robot is unique. That's why I love everything she makes :) If you look further down in the pictures, you can see the Stupendous Chandler! Ahaha he's the best. You can also see my not so pretty finger tips (that's what happens when you play guitar) but I don't mind.

IMG_4200 cover IMG_4240 IMG_4246 IMG_4217

Dress: Ruche • Sweater: Forever 21 • Headband: Forever 21 • Necklaces & earrings c/o Chandler the Robot • Bag c/o Lodinatt • Shoes: André • Scarf: Penneys

I have to run now, I have to rehearse a song with Sarah the violinist and then I have a photography job. Tomorrow I'm babysitting all day long so no posts... See you on Sunday!

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October 18, 2012


Why hello there! 
Guess what today is? Oh, you wouldn't know, so I'll tell you – it's my mami's birthday!!! 

Feliz cumpleaños mami, te quiero mucho y nos vemos pronto! 

Today has been a very good day so far. Woke up, not too tired even though my upstairs neighbor was walking around her room at 3am again (Why does she do that!? GO TO SLEEP!) I'm such a light sleeper, it wakes me up every single time. Anyway, International Politics class, Psychology class, and then I went to the gym for about 45 minutes. Always feel better after the gym! Then I went by to see if I had any mail and... yes! I did. So excited. I took a shower and then tried everything on. BB Dakota sent me a couple things (soon to be featured on the blog - they're awesome!) and Ever+Mi Crush sent me a wonderful dress. I can't wait to post pictures! I'm wearing it right now, it's amazing. 

IMG_4365 IMG_4366 IMG_4261 IMG_4245

My friend Nikki just got here! She's done with Smith and is in law school now... I only got to see her at the beginning of September so I'm really happy! Also, really random but the other day, I was going home with a biiig box in both hands and an empty travel mug dangling from my fingers. When I got home I realized I'd lost the top on the way... "Oh well" I thought. And today I was walking home when I see it on the side of the sidewalk, covered in mud! I found it! Of course I'll wash it real good, but how cool that a week later, I found it. Now we're off to go on a walk and to take pictures! See you soon, lovely readers. Have a great day!

IMG_4371 IMG_4378 IMG_4274 IMG_4279 IMG_4268 IMG_4264 IMG_2703 IMG_2610

Dress from Ever+Mi Crush wrapped up so nicely! • Lovely new BB Dakota item • Writing songs with my love, the guitar • Chandler the Super robot, what's not to love? • Little bit of my new dress, can you guess which one? • New plaid flannel, new love • Owl rug • Me studying, apparently people wanted to see this picture... • My lovely friend Kady, always here with me • Homework... • Lover of the light • Blowfish boots. Best boots ever and I'm not exaggerating or being paid to say that!

Screen Shot 2012-07-30 at 1.45.21 PM

PS. Blowfish Shoes is having a contest! Check the rules. Hopefully you'll be able to win the Kick Back boots! woo woo :)
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