| Valentina Duracinsky

October 26, 2012

IMG_4438 Hi there... It's been a busy week but I'll be back later today with another outfit post. It's hard to find time during the week to take pictures. I can't take them myself so I have to see if one of my friends is available, and since they all have different schedules, it doesn't always work out. However Kady has kindly accepted to take pictures today after her afternoon class. By the way, I thought I'd give credit to my friends for the last outfit posts. 
Anna and Crysta helped me a lot last semester but I can't really remember who took which pictures... I do remember that Crysta had a lot of fun so I'll have to ask for her help sometime this semester as well! Thanks to everyone for helping. It's always fun!


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Heather Toner said...

It's so nice that your friends are willing to go out and take pictures of you...They all seem to do a wonderful job! Your photos always look great!

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