November 26, 2012


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I'm finally posting the pictures from Lisa Hannigan's concert! Look at that. Not at all slow... Myles O'Reilly takes amazing pictures and he was there, but alas, he was filming and so I took over for him haha. If you don't remember, I'll tell you about it again! Last summer when I was in Ireland, I went to Lisa's show. A friend got me the ticket – eternally grateful. It was the most amazing show ever; Lisa was brilliant, Paul Noonan came out and my friend watched my face light up at the sight of him (Bell X1, check. them. out. now.) You can read more about Ireland here and here (and one happy thought here) This is reminding me about how much I miss Ireland!! I miss being Johnny and Donal and Anthony's temporary housemate :)

I hope you enjoy these pictures. Vx


Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing! Looks like a wonderful show.

Valentina Duracinsky said...

Thanks! Vx

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