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December 31, 2012


I just finished my "Bits & pieces" Christmas edition, when I realized I had another Bits & Pieces to share. Since I want to go chronologically, the Christmas post will see the day tomorrow. However, I'll be back later today with something else! I know, I've been posting pretty regularly – that's what I'm going to try for 2013. 

IMG_6976IMG_6654 IMG_6978 IMG_6783 IMG_6782 IMG_6784 IMG_6786 IMG_6793 IMG_6797 IMG_6792 IMG_6968 IMG_6986 IMG_6960 IMG_7028

1. Daniela / 2. finishing up finals on my computer / 3. Daniela and Adri hanging out with their older cousin (me) / 4. christmas tree / 5. presents under the tree / 6. piano at my grandparents... I should sit down sometime, try to learn / 7. I wrapped way too many presents this year / 8. quilting with my grandmother / 9. quilt my grandmother is making for me / 10. FINALLY. Can't wait till it's legal everywhere / 11. loved how I styled my hair last saturday / 12. wrote a song with my seven year old cousin. She had some good ideas! Love it. / 13. got really sick the week before Christmas - it was fun anyway / 14. lovely Jake!

See you this afternoon. Any plans for New Year's? I have noooo idea. Will ask my cousins now! Cheers! Vx

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