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December 31, 2012


when I realized Kady W. is one of my best friends  (I'm going to miss you!)

when I went to Ireland, had loads of fun (and Baileys), & made some great new friends (in picture: Anthony)

and got my first tattoo with a little help from Anthony... "if you do it, I'll do it" style!

when I went to a very fun after-party + talked to a certain gentleman by the name of Paul Noonan + hung out with the talented Myles O'Reilly, who is behind the camera for the pic below, and very nice. So nice that I didn't steal his amazing camera. (thanks again to James & Graham. See you in Jan!)

when I traveled to Italy with my dad...

and Barcelona with my mom!

when I decided to be more laid-back – according to Anthony, that's what I have to do to be Irish ;) – and open minded, when I started saying yes to any fun opportunities, taking chances, taking risks, and being happy with any moment, big, like going to a new place, or small, like sleeping in a little longer! IMG_8534

when I went to Lisa Hannigan's best concert ever...

and stood right in front of Ben Howard as he sang the most beautiful songs

when I spent Christmas with my little cousins and had a great timeDSC_6401

when I got a freakin' harmonium!

and of course... when I got my (too beautiful for words) guitar. #1 highlight? maybeIMG_5158

other moments worth mentioning... when I dyed my hair blue, when I decided to take a semester off this spring, when I discovered thrift stores in Paris, when I started sharing recipes, when I started a quilt, when I opened for Kindlewood, when I went to see The Lumineers and met them before they got famous, when I discovered Kopecky Family Band, when I discovered The Young Folk and then became friends with the singer which led to having a free place to stay in Dublin, when I got over someone in a week, whenever Kady and I had "french night" (goat's cheese and a movie), when I started a Health & Fitness feature, whenever I finished a song, when I went to Germany and met my cousin Nick there... and so many more!

This year has been... pretty great! (now that I'm done picking out pictures, thinking "What were some great moments?" I can say this was an amazing, amazing year. Here's to 2013! Can it get any better!?) I hope you have a great New Years. Don't drink and drive! Have loads of fun, people. Thanks for visiting my blog! See you next year. Cheers! Vx


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!(: Michal

chantilly said...

i love that dress you're wearing in the italy photo. and that guitar is quite lovely :)

Chloe Moon said...

Happy New Year!! Wow, what a year!! I haven't been a follower long but I'm going to definitely keep following you! That guitar is beautiful, I'm so jealous of your travels, thrift shops in Paris??? Oh my I would go crazy, & meeting all those musicians! Very cool!!

Best wishes in the New Year! =)


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