December 21, 2012


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This was back at Smith when there was snow for a day! Fuuun. Now, it's Friday, I've sent in my three finals and I. am. done. I spent most of yesterday finishing up my gov paper, and I had a little bit left so I woke up early today and by 9:30 I was done! It's such a relief. Now I can just relax. I can play guitar and write songs without thinking "I should really finish that paper...", I can watch Family Guy and clean my room, I can do whatever I want, I'm free! I can cook! I can quilt! (yup, started my own with my grandma's help. It's gonna look great.) I actually have a couple recipes to share with you soon! They are YUM. 
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coat: Miss Sixty • top: Forever 21 • sweater: Zara • skirt: thrifted • boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

You're maybe wondering what the title is all about... Snow: there's snow in the pictures. Seth MacFarlane: I... love him? Simple as that. I've been watching some Family Guy episodes again... Man, I forgot how much I love Stewie! I also watched Seth play Ryan Lochte on SNL - so so funny. I know not everyone loves Family Guy, but I think it's amazing. If you have time to watch some interviews with Seth, he's a really interesting and intelligent guy. And funny. And he can sing. He's basically everything you want in a man... Ooookay, gotta go. Cheers, Vx 


eloise fontaine said...

great pictures :)


Angela said...

great coat!!
Angela Donava

Melissa McCoy said...

I love denim right now! Cute pairing with the skirt !

The Real McCoy(s)

Anonymous said...

I love your skirt, and the snow looks so atmospheric! I'm jealous that you've finished your work, I have so many essays to write over christmas, and christmas is not for writing, it's for being merry!

chantilly said...

you have like, the perfect hair. and i love your cardigan!! x

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