January 31, 2013


  On my last night in Dublin, I played the Ruby Sessions with The Young Folk, Danny of The Coronas, and Wyvern Lingo. It was packed and I was nervous. It made me happy when people asked me if I had a album out 'cause they wanted one. Soon, I hope! Tony played bass and mandolin for a couple of my songs, Mick Heslin played lap steel guitar on The Fisherman, and Sinead White sang harmonies on Haunted and a new song. I thank them all! I'm quite happy I got the opportunity to play, and it's all thanks to my friend Conor. (By the way, he took me to Whelan's on Saturday to see Nanu Nanu. Check them out! Laura is also the sweetest girl ever)

  I'm back in Paris now... My flight was at 6am so I pretty much just stayed out until 3am, went home to get my things, and took a taxi to the airport. I said goodbye to everyone and was told for the millionth time this week that my hugs suck. I had no idea... Cormac very nicely pointed this out for the first time Saturday night, and then all of a sudden everyone started to agree! It's kind of funny and kind of sad. I'll work on it, guys... 

  Now for some slightly more serious stuff. As I said in my last post, I feel like I've grown... changed. While I'm not quite sure in what ways, I'm sure it'll be somewhat noticeable in my songs, and on the blog. I struggled a little while writing this post and the last because I feel very uncomfortable sharing certain details. I don't think I will be getting as personal anymore, whatever that means. Even Facebook makes me incredibly uneasy these days. Also, going through my Bloglovin' list of new posts to read (not logging in for about 8 days resulted in 130 unread posts - YIKES), I suddenly feel like I do not enjoy posts with lists like this is what I want, this is what I need, here's a winter wishlist, etc. While I still enjoy putting together outfits and having fun with clothes, and will always love going thrifting, I don't want to share this eagerness for new things. It's consumerism and I do not want to promote it. I want to focus more on the things I really am passionate about... music, family, the environment, travel, love, creativity, simplicity, happiness. Somehow, over time, this will manifest all itself on the blog in a way that is more true to the person I am. Cheers! Vx

January 28, 2013


Don't worry, I am not on a honeymoon you didn't know about – In fact no one wants me at all haha. It just relates to this week in Dublin during which I realized my honeymoon phase with Ireland is over... in a good way. It's been a week of ups and downs but, in essence, my relationship with the place got real. I don't feel like a 'guest', I don't feel like an outsider which is pretty amazing. For every little let down, there's been a massive 'yes! this is so much fun!' moment. For every person I didn't get to see, there's been a new friendship made. And the people I've met have turned out to be amazing people.... who doesn't love amazing people! The picture above is literally the only one I have of this trip. I brought my camera but I did not take it out at all. Not even once. I was using Anthony's camera there. That's my friend Tony, and while we didn't talk at all last time I was here, I couldn't shut him up this time around – in a good way! I can't pick out a favorite moment, but Saturday night and all day Sunday are still fresh in my mind, and I can't help smiling.

I feel like I've grown so much this week. See, that's why you're supposed to travel, people. And with all the traveling I've done, I must be 30 by now! Cheers, Vx

January 18, 2013


IMG_7503 IMG_7523 IMG_7540
Today was a good day. I got some errands done this morning which always leaves me with a good feeling. I hear "check!" in my head as I check things off my never-ending to-do list. I met up with my friends Apolline and Maud for coffee (and cigarettes for them – ooh les français!!) and then went to Etam Lingerie because they have awesome nightgowns. I got a sparkly one on sale. It was unbelievably cold today. I had on my big beige coat, two scarves, and a sweater over a long sleeve top. My leather shoes did not keep my feet warm. Not even a little bit. My gloves did not keep my fingers from feeling like they were about to fall off. There was snow in the evening. I wasn't surprised. Now I'm home. Alone. My dad is off on a business trip. It's funny, you see, for someone who is supposedly a loner, I reeeeally really don't like being home alone at night. Every light in the apartment is on so I feel less anxious. I will also be watching some funny tv show now so I can be absorbed into another universe in which I am not alone. 

On a separate note, how cool are these shoes? Obviously, since I am me, and I don't like wacky outfits, these shoes will be the main focus of any outfit they are in. White shirt, simple jeans... and the beautiful shoes. Oh, And those are my new favorite jeans.

coat: Miss Sixty • top: Ralph Lauren • jeans: AE • necklace c/o Lisa Leonard • shoes c/o Blowfish Shoes

January 17, 2013


IMG_5649 IMG_5590 IMG_5616 IMG_5637 IMG_5656 IMG_5652 IMG_5657
dress/tunic: thrifted • shoes: Miss Sixty

These pictures are from a whiiiile back... Maybe you recognize the dog or the background? I kept them in case I didn't have anything new to post - which unfortunately I do not! I have been out only a little these past few days. Most of my time has been spent sleeping or cleaning up the mess that is my room... such a mess! I'm very happy with how my closet looks. I'll let you know more about that soon. I hope to have some pictures of Paris for you before I leave for Ireland on Sunday! Cheers, Vx

January 12, 2013


DSC_6411 DSC_6413 DSC_6390 DSC_6417 DSC_6500 These pictures were taken the day after Christmas. As I prepare to leave for Paris tomorrow, I think of my family that I will miss... I don't know how long I'll have to wait until I see my little cousins again... How fast they grow! Hopefully next time I come, Adri will be a pro on the ukelele and Dani a pro on the kazoo.. ha! Today I say goodbye to my family with some pizza and dip and salsa and kahlua cake... Paris, j'arrive! 

January 11, 2013


Have you seen my Pinterest boards? I have a whole board dedicated to goat's cheese and a whole board dedicated to avocado! If like me, you love both these things then this simple appetizer is for you, my friends! All you need is... French bread, goat's cheese, avocado, a walnut, a pinch of herbes de provence, salt & pepper.
Yum! Enjoy. Cheers, Vx

January 10, 2013


Oh how excited I am to announce this giveaway winner! As this is my first giveaway, and there were a little +100 people entering, I thought it was still small enough that I could write all the names down on pieces of paper and randomly pick a name out of a hat. Since I wanted to make it into a video, and I wanted to simply use the camera on my mac, I had to write all the names... backwards! I am now extremely good at writing backwards haha! I announced the giveaway on Facebook as well so a bunch of my friends entered. I'd say about 1/10 of those who entered this giveaway were my friends & family members... that's very little which is why I was so surprised to see this name [see video] come out of the hat! Congratulations!! Love ya!

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. I will have another multiple giveaway sometime in February, I believe, so come back for another chance to win. Cheers, Vx  

January 9, 2013


These photos were taken at Smith College... so this is from before Christmas. It should've been posted sooner - I just forgot! I'm happy to say that my two day migraine is finally gone! hallelujah! It didn't stop me from watching an episode of Downton Abbey though... it should've, but doing nothing all day would have been boring. Anything made my headache worse, might as well pick something to keep my mind of it (it didn't, really) Anyone else watch Downton Abbey? I just got into it and I. love. it. The dresses are stunning. And the story is just great. I was talking about my favorite characters yesterday, and I just kept saying more and more names. They're all my favorites! I love sweet little Anna, I love Bates, I love Lord Grantham, I love Matthew, I love the grandmother – she's so funny, I love Branson (he's Irish)... I hate Thomas. Thomas is mean. 
IMG_6318IMG_6320 IMG_6343 IMG_6335 IMG_6337 IMG_6355 IMG_6378 IMG_6383
necklace c/o Lisa Leonard • dress: thrifted • tights c/o Tabbisocks • coat: Pull & Bear • beret: gift

These tights are amazing and so cute (They're from Tabbisocks – I highly recommend checking them out!) I was afraid of how to wear them. Obviously when you have tights like these, you need a simple dress or skirt so that the tights are the main focus. As I've said before, I'm not a fan of mixing patterns. I found this cute little dress with Alex in Vermont and I love it. It's simple. Cheers! Vx

PS. Don't forget to enter the giveaway! You have one more day! 

January 6, 2013


artist: Anaïs Mitchell
album: Young Man in America

This is the first time I'll be doing a music review. But it won't be like any of the other ones you've read... or anything, really. I don't like being mean, so I'm not going to review everything and anything (I'm not going to review Adele to say how much I can't stand her songs. Ok, I just did, but no more, I promise). I simply want to share the music I love. And in December I discovered Anaïs Mitchell through the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts and loved the songs she sang - somehow, always with a smile on her face... I can't do that.

For Christmas, my aunt got me a gift certificate to iTunes and the first thing I did was buy the Young Man in America album. I give it five hearts (my own little rating system, eh). The song I fell in love with is called Shepherd. It's a heartbreaking story about a shepherd and his wife, but it's not just a love song. Anaïs Mitchell's voice is unique and almost child-like, yet very beautiful. I love good lyrics and if you do too, you won't be disappointed. Another little thing to add: She wrote this beautiful song called Coming Down, and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver covered it! Check it out. So yes, I highly recommend this album. Let me know what you think! Vx


Hello there! I thought I'd fit in a little HEALTH & FITNESS post today. 

So, I'd like to continue being healthy and exercising this year... My first goal is a small, simple one: 100 sit-ups every day. This isn't instead of running or anything. Whatever happens during the day, whether I exercise or not, I will do 100 sit-ups. So far, I've been kind of successful. Sometimes I've done 50. Sometimes I've lost count. What makes this very hard is that it's so easy to forget. Until the routine is stuck in my head, I'll forget about it. So I have a note on the dresser "100 SIT-UPS!!"

I'll be back with an actual HEALTH & FITNESS post soon. I just wanted to let you know that if you have any questions, I will also answer them at the end of each post (if I can/if I remember). I'm no expert, but I can certainly tell you about my own experiences.


I started going to the gym two weeks ago and i still find it hard to reach a good level of running. How long did it take you to get there?
I used to run for a minute and then feel super tired (okay, maybe not just a minute, but it wasn't much). When I started to go to the gym, I would run on the treadmill for.... 100 calories! What? What I would do, instead of feeling horrible because I couldn't run too fast or too long, I would just run as long as I could, then walk, then walk fast (etc...) until the treadmill said I had reached 100 calories lost. It didn't matter if it took 12 or 20 minutes. Now, it takes me less time to reach that 'goal'. I push myself a little bit more each time. As I saw that I got there in less time, I started to up the goal to 110 calories and try to reach it in the same time. 

January 5, 2013


Every time I enter this room that is not mine in this house that is not mine I feel my heart start pounding faster. For a room that is not my own, it sure is filled with my things. The feeling gets worse when I think of going home in a week. There, by the door, sits the one suitcase that I'm allowed to take. It's already full. After taking a shower at 3pm today (late, I know), I came into my room to change, and suddenly decided to pack again. I opened my suitcase to add more dresses I want to take with me. I've now stopped organizing in order to write because I felt like I was choking. I am so very anxious these days. I have too much stuff. Ever since I read james kicinski-mccoy's blog post in which she talks about her "closet massacre" I've wanted to do the same. My problem is that I remember everything. I remember where I got each item, who got it for me, why I got it, when I got it, what it's for. Some items are more special than others, but in the end I always make an excuse for each item.

The truth is, when I arrive to my room in Paris... my closet will already be full. My drawers will already be full. Where will I put all this stuff that I'm bringing with me? I have things from a long long long time ago. I still fit into clothes and shoes from when I was thirteen since after that I just lost weight anyway. I almost want someone to slap me in the face every time I want something new. There is a pathetic pile of five tank tops I am ready to give away to charity "Here, good will, take my pathetic small pile of clothes. Sorry I'm too selfish to part with anything else at the moment". 

Once I get to Paris, I will spend some time getting rid of things. Not just clothes. Things in my room I don't need. I'm afraid this feeling of drowning will come back... but will it ever actually go away unless I get rid of material possessions? I went to the mall the other day and bought some more things - more things, really!? - yes I know. But I am proud because I only got things I loved. I needed jeans because only recently did I find my true size. Can you believe I have a pair of size seven jeans when in fact I am a size four? I guess those are going too. Next to me right at this moment, are a pair of red Penney's shoes that I bought in Ireland this past summer (see below). They are completely destroyed on the inside but I can't get rid of them. It's not about the money. They're from Penney's – they cost three f-ing euros! It's the feeling when I slip them back on and remember walking back home in the pouring rain of Ireland, thinking this couldn't be more perfect, no matter what shoes I'm wearing.

I'll let you know how the process goes. It'll be a long and painful one, I am sure. Hopefully I will be smarter from now on and only get what I am completely in love with. No more "this dress is only fifteen dollars, let's get it!". Vx
"Simplify, simplify" Henry David Thoreau



DSC_6343 DSC_6345 DSC_6349 DSC_6358 DSC_6351 DSC_6354 DSC_6367 DSC_6370
top: Forever 21 • necklace c/o Shop Adorn • jeans: Pacsun • coat: Pull & Bear • wedges c/o Blowfish Shoes

I'm so honored to have been chosen It Girl of the month by Blowfish. They interviewed me and everything. I talk about music a lot... Don't forget to enter the giveaway!! It's still open. Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers! Vx

January 4, 2013


Hello again, world. Today I'm sharing another really easy recipe of something I think is so very yummy. It's no secret I love anything sour - like lemons. I love lemon. (no lemon in this recipe though) only two ingredients: celery and balsamic vinegar. Add salt & peppet to taste. Celery has almost no calories, it's a wonderful vegetable so I love finding ways to use it. I can't promise everyone will love this but I do. I think it's very healthy and very low in calories (2 ounces of balsamic vinegar: 50 calories, 1 cup celery: 16 calories).

Cut the celery however you wish to (i like it super thin) and then add as much or as little balsamic vinegar as you'd like. Then... eat. Here's to being healthy! Cheers, Vx
IMG_6788 IMG_6790
Comfy Wishlist

Good morning world! so here is another wishlist of comfy clothing. I really love that grey dress on the bottom right. It looks so incredibly comfortable! I'll be back this afternoon with another post! Maybe a very simple recipe for y'all. I had some wild dreams last night! About spiders and birds. Last night I watched The Help. It was an amazing movie (Almost cried at the end). Not many plans for the day. Some blogging, some songwriting, some showering... what to do, what to do! Maybe I'll cook up something a little fancy for lunch. Soon I shall be back in Paris. Cheers! Vx
find the items here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 

January 2, 2013


IMG_7073 IMG_6990 IMG_7088 IMG_7087 IMG_7098 IMG_7109 IMG_7205 IMG_7039 IMG_7112 IMG_7256 IMG_7264 IMG_7279 IMG_7301 IMG_7259 IMG_7312 IMG_7320 IMG_7338

1. Daniela, Santa's little helper / 2. Adri and Dani / 3. Adri with my ukelele the day before Christmas / 4. Dani & me with the ukelele - she's happy! / 5. Dani is trusted with the ukelele / 6. Dani the princess / 7. the princess & Sally / 8. Adri in her fancy dress posing in front of the tree / 9. Christmas dinner / 10. Christmas day! opening presents! (Dani opening everyone's presents...) / 11. got a purple ipod shuffle –just what I needed yay! / 12. happy Adri as she opens her last present... a ukelele from her cousin Valentina! / 13. Dani got a kazoo from her cousin Valentina. Her parents weren't so happy hahaha / 14. a dress from Valentina to Valentina / 15. I was spoiled this year: CDs, a shirt, comfy socks, some scarves, an ipod... / 16. 1st ukelele lesson... she's a fast learner! / 17. let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Don't forget to enter the giveaway.
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