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January 6, 2013


artist: Anaïs Mitchell
album: Young Man in America

This is the first time I'll be doing a music review. But it won't be like any of the other ones you've read... or anything, really. I don't like being mean, so I'm not going to review everything and anything (I'm not going to review Adele to say how much I can't stand her songs. Ok, I just did, but no more, I promise). I simply want to share the music I love. And in December I discovered Anaïs Mitchell through the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts and loved the songs she sang - somehow, always with a smile on her face... I can't do that.

For Christmas, my aunt got me a gift certificate to iTunes and the first thing I did was buy the Young Man in America album. I give it five hearts (my own little rating system, eh). The song I fell in love with is called Shepherd. It's a heartbreaking story about a shepherd and his wife, but it's not just a love song. Anaïs Mitchell's voice is unique and almost child-like, yet very beautiful. I love good lyrics and if you do too, you won't be disappointed. Another little thing to add: She wrote this beautiful song called Coming Down, and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver covered it! Check it out. So yes, I highly recommend this album. Let me know what you think! Vx

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