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January 31, 2013


  On my last night in Dublin, I played the Ruby Sessions with The Young Folk, Danny of The Coronas, and Wyvern Lingo. It was packed and I was nervous. It made me happy when people asked me if I had a album out 'cause they wanted one. Soon, I hope! Tony played bass and mandolin for a couple of my songs, Mick Heslin played lap steel guitar on The Fisherman, and Sinead White sang harmonies on Haunted and a new song. I thank them all! I'm quite happy I got the opportunity to play, and it's all thanks to my friend Conor. (By the way, he took me to Whelan's on Saturday to see Nanu Nanu. Check them out! Laura is also the sweetest girl ever)

  I'm back in Paris now... My flight was at 6am so I pretty much just stayed out until 3am, went home to get my things, and took a taxi to the airport. I said goodbye to everyone and was told for the millionth time this week that my hugs suck. I had no idea... Cormac very nicely pointed this out for the first time Saturday night, and then all of a sudden everyone started to agree! It's kind of funny and kind of sad. I'll work on it, guys... 

  Now for some slightly more serious stuff. As I said in my last post, I feel like I've grown... changed. While I'm not quite sure in what ways, I'm sure it'll be somewhat noticeable in my songs, and on the blog. I struggled a little while writing this post and the last because I feel very uncomfortable sharing certain details. I don't think I will be getting as personal anymore, whatever that means. Even Facebook makes me incredibly uneasy these days. Also, going through my Bloglovin' list of new posts to read (not logging in for about 8 days resulted in 130 unread posts - YIKES), I suddenly feel like I do not enjoy posts with lists like this is what I want, this is what I need, here's a winter wishlist, etc. While I still enjoy putting together outfits and having fun with clothes, and will always love going thrifting, I don't want to share this eagerness for new things. It's consumerism and I do not want to promote it. I want to focus more on the things I really am passionate about... music, family, the environment, travel, love, creativity, simplicity, happiness. Somehow, over time, this will manifest all itself on the blog in a way that is more true to the person I am. Cheers! Vx

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t.e. yardsley said...

You put into words what's been bothering me for awhile about the list blog posts. I don't like those either - they just feel like they're breeding discontent. I'm fine with promoting artists and handmade work, but I don't like seeing it prefaced with a personal gain, I guess. I suppose it's hard to really know the motivation of the poster, but regardless, they're not my favorite.

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