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January 18, 2013


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Today was a good day. I got some errands done this morning which always leaves me with a good feeling. I hear "check!" in my head as I check things off my never-ending to-do list. I met up with my friends Apolline and Maud for coffee (and cigarettes for them – ooh les français!!) and then went to Etam Lingerie because they have awesome nightgowns. I got a sparkly one on sale. It was unbelievably cold today. I had on my big beige coat, two scarves, and a sweater over a long sleeve top. My leather shoes did not keep my feet warm. Not even a little bit. My gloves did not keep my fingers from feeling like they were about to fall off. There was snow in the evening. I wasn't surprised. Now I'm home. Alone. My dad is off on a business trip. It's funny, you see, for someone who is supposedly a loner, I reeeeally really don't like being home alone at night. Every light in the apartment is on so I feel less anxious. I will also be watching some funny tv show now so I can be absorbed into another universe in which I am not alone. 

On a separate note, how cool are these shoes? Obviously, since I am me, and I don't like wacky outfits, these shoes will be the main focus of any outfit they are in. White shirt, simple jeans... and the beautiful shoes. Oh, And those are my new favorite jeans.

coat: Miss Sixty • top: Ralph Lauren • jeans: AE • necklace c/o Lisa Leonard • shoes c/o Blowfish Shoes


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! ❤

Sarah said...

Wow. This outfit looks so sweet and comfy.
I know what you're talking about. I absolutely hate beeing alone. But I have no choice. I have an apartment all for my own and I hate it. So I am planning to move in March and move together with a dear friend of mine.

Best wishes,

Sarah from http://pleasuresoflifeblog.blogspot.de/

Anonymous said...

Wow, you get really thin!!
Those jeans is simple but beautiful!And by the way, where is your mom?(I hope it's fine that I'm asking that)

Benlovesting said...

Beautiful outfit!

Angela said...

nice hat!

Angela Donava

Mélo l'imparfaite said...

funny outfit !

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