January 2, 2013


hello hello. I am so excited about the giveaway; so many people have entered already and there are still 9 days left! Go HERE to enter the giveaway. So, it's January 2nd  – not too late to share some resolutions. I'm trying to keep mine simple. What are yours?

write - obviously, I'm taking a semester off to focus on music so, yes, my goal is to write more songs. But I'd also like to write more in my journal. I've been pretty good about it this semester, and it's always nice to look back and read something you didn't remember. 

less tv & computer time - this is at the top of my list. I want to watch less television. Sometimes when I'm home alone, I put on FRIENDS or Modern Family or Family Guy for some company while I'm cooking or eating or organizing... I'd love to do these things while listening to music instead. Some time to think, to be by myself and enjoy it! I'd like to go on the computer way less. I'd like to blog just as often but quicker and more efficiently. 

read - I used to be a bookworm. Now, I don't even finish a book in a week. It makes me sad! I know I can; when I was in Italy this past summer, I read Fitzgerald's This side of Paradise in three or four days. I got so into it. Probably because it was my only distraction. No TV or Internet, just books! 

healthy - as always, "lose weight" is one of the resolutions. But instead of saying 'lose weight', I've decided that my goal is to be healthy. More vegetables, less candy (not that I actually eat that much anyway), that sort of thing. 

travel - i've already made plans to go to Ireland at the end of January. There are tons of places I want to visit and I want to just do it. I will say yes to any opportunity to travel! If I can go with a friend, great, but I'd also like to be able to travel on my own. I'm thinking Scotland.

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