February 18, 2013


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Oh, it is cold, cold, cold in this apartment...

I just went for a run for the first time since I left Smith. It was 6:30pm when I realized I'd spent most of my day indoors and I just needed to go out. I needed to breathe in fresh (polluted) air, to step away from the computer, from the guitar, from the room in which I think so many thoughts, and just go for a long walk. I took my tiny ipod and listened to some nice music (want some? here; here; here). It felt good. I didn't think about where I was going, I just walked and walked, my head following my feet. I walked past my old middle school – It seems like yesterday that I was running around with my pre-teen friends, acting like the silly kids we were. I passed the dance studio where I used to dance. I thought about how I still love dancing. The other night, I didn't feel like watching tv shows or talking to anyone, I just wanted to dance and forget about everything. I put on music, tried on lovely dresses and heels, and danced until I was tired. I've been feeling up and down and up and down lately; but I made a list – listen here, it was a good idea! I sat down and made a list of all the things that bothered me. I then was able to think about these things and make realistic changes. It was good, it was helpful. 

I wish I could wear dresses and skirts and normal clothes but it's so cold I can't stand to be naked for too long so I just throw on my sweatpants and big warm hoodie and hide under the covers. It's hard to get things done when you feel so good and warm under the covers... I look forward to this week. I think it will be a good week. Vx

February 14, 2013


Hey there. It's been a long time since I've posted "Music for the Soul"! Here is a lovely song. I do hope you take four minutes out of your day to sit down and listen to it. It's a live version. You can also watch the Official Video here. I love Anaïs Mitchell's music. 


February 11, 2013


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What the hell? How is it already 3:30pm? It's ok, I guess. It's been a decent day so far! I woke up at a reasonable hour and had already checked some stuff off my to-do list for the day before it was even noon. My room is a mess (how does this happen!?) but I will clean it in no time. At least my bed is made – that never happens. Yesterday evening I wrote a song that I cannot wait to finish. I can't stop playing it... over and over and over, even though this one part kills my fingers, with time and practice they will get used to it and will survive. Last week it seemed like all the inspiration had just drained out of me and there was nothing left. No words, no feelings, no melodies, nothing. And this weekend I've come up with a couple songs that could actually become something. It's a good feeling. 

I must say something about this outfit. First of all, it's a summer dress. I've so many summer dresses, my challenge now is to learn how to wear them in winter without freezing my ass off. But I want to talk about the shoes! I've been collaborating with Blowfish Shoes for quite some time now, and I have to say this again: their shoes are amazing. They are unbelievably comfortable and I've never had any problems wearing them. This is my honest opinion. I really am that happy about working with them, and about wearing the shoes. I recommend them 100%. Love, Vx
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coat: Miss Sixty • dress: Garage • cardigan: Benetton • necklace c/o Shlomit Ofir • boots c/o Blowfish Shoes • bag: Rue Princesse • scarf: H&M • tights: XXI • hairband: Penneys

February 10, 2013


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I started out the day thinking I'd write a 'One picture an hour' post, but it turns out today was a slow, slow day spent at home and all the pictures would look the same. Last night I went out and it was soooo cold! I'm so glad I could just stay in and enjoy being under my covers all day. 

I can't stop smiling today. Here are some of the things I'm currently loving... 
  • everyone has been so nice about this song of mine (Ruby Sessions). It's my personal favorite so it makes me so happy to hear people saying they enjoy listening to it. Thank you! 
  • the video Anthony made for Fisherman. I love it so much. And again, everyone has been sending such lovely messages! thank you!
  • my beautiful guitar. Always. That's why she's in half of these pictures.
  • when I met my newest friend Cormac I didn't know his band, but I've listened to some songs and  it turns out Villagers are quite talented indeed. Here's a hauntingly beautiful song.
  • Daytrotter. What a wonderful, wonderful thing! My itunes is full of Daytrotter goodness. I only recently discovered Blind Pilot (thanks Daytrotter!) and I have been dancing to We are the Tide all day long! I love that each session has a different drawing of each artist or band (see picture below). My iTunes library is so colorful and beautiful now. I highly recommend becoming a member if you like discovering new music. 
  • breakfast in bed watching Gilmore Girls this morning was such a treat!
  • I'm in Paris. Enough said.
  • and now it's 5:40PM which means it's almost time for cocktails & wine! 
Life is good. Cheers! Vx

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February 7, 2013


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I just ruined a pumpkin pie and I couldn't be more depressed about it. I love pumpkin pie. What the hell happened? At least I made yummy pumpkin soup. Sigh. Not good enough. I never ruin things in the kitchen... I'm going to go sulk now.

I totally forgot about this outfit. For some reason I thought it was already up... this is one of my favorite dresses. I just love it. I think it's classy and romantic and very Downton Abbey-ish. I wore it to the Ruby Sessions in Dublin if you recall the picture...  

Cheers, Vx
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dress: Ruche • necklace c/o Shop Adorn • tights: XXI • shoes c/o Blowfish Shoes

February 6, 2013


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This morning, I broke my own rule "never check FB first thing in the morning". I'm not a morning person so checking FB right when I wake up always bums me out! No more, I swear. Then, I had an errand to run, but it didn't work out either. I bought myself a chocolate éclair to make things better and headed home. After lunch, I went thrifting. The best stores are around the métro stop Hotel de Ville. There's a thrift store on every street! Or so it seems... I went into seven or eight thrift stores but actually only ended up buying things in the second one I went into. Two dresses and a skirt, each only – wait for it – one euro!! Unbelievable. I tried them on, but the one downside to thrift stores is that they never have mirrors in the dressing rooms. I crossed my fingers and handed over the 3 euros. Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk... my legs were killing me! Finally some hours later, I took the métro back home. Once in my room, I quickly undressed and tried the new dresses on again. One is too big and too long but luckily we have a friend that can sew and has been mending my clothes for the past few years. It's such a weird and awesome dress though! The other dress is amazing. It's a red summer dress with white flowers and I. love. it. I can't wait till it's summer so I can wear it! There is usually a "1 euro" treasure chest in each store. It's giant, it's messy, you have to go through a lot of crap to come up with something beautiful, but when you do, it's heaven! You need patience, and you need space. I'll be back with a list of thrift stores I love soon! Cheers! Vx
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February 5, 2013


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Hello hello... I haven't shared any of my new songs in a long time, and I don't really intend to until the album is out, but... this is an exception. I love this video Anthony (TYF) made back in Ireland. I got a video out of the trip after all! Success. I hope you like it! You can find more here. Cheers! Vx

February 4, 2013


This is a really easy recipe. It couldn't be easier. If you can't make this, then you've hit a new level of laziness. I'm lazy and I make this! Try it. Unless you're vegan. Or you don't like cheese. Or you don't like zucchini. 

I say this because you will need zucchini and cheese (I also added tiny bits of sun dried tomatoes. It's optional). I still don't know what the perfect cheese for this is yet. I've tried it with cheddar, gouda and goat's cheese. The goat's cheese here in France works well, but the one in the US is just too creamy. I'm thinking emmendal would work well but I haven't tried yet.

You start out by cutting the zucchini in slices. You don't want them to be too thin! I know that now. You also want them all to be the same size. Don't make some really fat and others really skinny. Now, if you put too much cheese on one slice,  [see picture 2] will happen. It's ok with me. I can still scrape it off and eat it. But it doesn't look presentable, does it? In picture 3, the cheese goes a little over the zucchini but I think no one is perfect and if it's good, eat it. I'm inclined to say this is a pretty healthy appetizer since it has zucchini and only a little cheese. I love food! 
Enjoy. Cheers! Vx

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February 2, 2013


So far, I've had sushi three times this week. Sunday with Cormac, Thursday with my dad and today for lunch with my mom... Any day there's sushi is a good day! It really is one of my favorite meals ever. Random: there's a japanese restaurant in Cali, Colombia that makes some of the best sushi I have ever had... I'd go back just for the sushi (ok, and to see my family ha). 

I've done a lot of resting since I got back from Dublin. I already want to go back, but I shall wait until April and enjoy myself here in Paris for the meantime (how hard, I know). I apologize Facebook and Twitter friends, I've been taking a bunch of instagram pictures... I don't actually have an iphone, so I can only take instagram pictures when I'm with either of my parents (they both have iphones!) Since they're at work during the day, this results in a ton of pictures of food and alcohol haha. I will calm down. Paris is cold, cold, cold but it will get warmer soon. "Soon" because in a blink of an eye it'll already be spring. Time goes by so so so quickly... better enjoy every single minute. Cheers! Vx
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necklace c/o Lisa Leonard • top: Old Navy • jeans: Gap • coat: Miss Sixty • scarf: H&M
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