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February 11, 2013


IMG_7662 IMG_7665
What the hell? How is it already 3:30pm? It's ok, I guess. It's been a decent day so far! I woke up at a reasonable hour and had already checked some stuff off my to-do list for the day before it was even noon. My room is a mess (how does this happen!?) but I will clean it in no time. At least my bed is made – that never happens. Yesterday evening I wrote a song that I cannot wait to finish. I can't stop playing it... over and over and over, even though this one part kills my fingers, with time and practice they will get used to it and will survive. Last week it seemed like all the inspiration had just drained out of me and there was nothing left. No words, no feelings, no melodies, nothing. And this weekend I've come up with a couple songs that could actually become something. It's a good feeling. 

I must say something about this outfit. First of all, it's a summer dress. I've so many summer dresses, my challenge now is to learn how to wear them in winter without freezing my ass off. But I want to talk about the shoes! I've been collaborating with Blowfish Shoes for quite some time now, and I have to say this again: their shoes are amazing. They are unbelievably comfortable and I've never had any problems wearing them. This is my honest opinion. I really am that happy about working with them, and about wearing the shoes. I recommend them 100%. Love, Vx
IMG_7634 IMG_7649 IMG_7656 IMG_7643
coat: Miss Sixty • dress: Garage • cardigan: Benetton • necklace c/o Shlomit Ofir • boots c/o Blowfish Shoes • bag: Rue Princesse • scarf: H&M • tights: XXI • hairband: Penneys


Chloe Polo said...

Gorgeous pictures!
You look like you had a great time taking them..

The blue suits you so well :)
UK High Street Fashion & Style

Rowena said...

So cute!

Amanda said...

This outfit is just so wonderfully fun! And your boots I am head over heels in love with!

Brewed Together said...

These photos are SO fun! Love the green scarf and the first jump shot! Happy Valentine's week! Xoxo, M&K @ BT

Angela said...

great coat!

Angela Donava

Cassie said...

Lookin' lovely!
I want to go to college in France, then live in Italy.

Angela said...

awesome dress!

Angela Donava

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