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February 10, 2013


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I started out the day thinking I'd write a 'One picture an hour' post, but it turns out today was a slow, slow day spent at home and all the pictures would look the same. Last night I went out and it was soooo cold! I'm so glad I could just stay in and enjoy being under my covers all day. 

I can't stop smiling today. Here are some of the things I'm currently loving... 
  • everyone has been so nice about this song of mine (Ruby Sessions). It's my personal favorite so it makes me so happy to hear people saying they enjoy listening to it. Thank you! 
  • the video Anthony made for Fisherman. I love it so much. And again, everyone has been sending such lovely messages! thank you!
  • my beautiful guitar. Always. That's why she's in half of these pictures.
  • when I met my newest friend Cormac I didn't know his band, but I've listened to some songs and  it turns out Villagers are quite talented indeed. Here's a hauntingly beautiful song.
  • Daytrotter. What a wonderful, wonderful thing! My itunes is full of Daytrotter goodness. I only recently discovered Blind Pilot (thanks Daytrotter!) and I have been dancing to We are the Tide all day long! I love that each session has a different drawing of each artist or band (see picture below). My iTunes library is so colorful and beautiful now. I highly recommend becoming a member if you like discovering new music. 
  • breakfast in bed watching Gilmore Girls this morning was such a treat!
  • I'm in Paris. Enough said.
  • and now it's 5:40PM which means it's almost time for cocktails & wine! 
Life is good. Cheers! Vx

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Anonymous said...

when i read that you watched gilmore girls in bed this morning, i was reminded of all the reasons why i get so excited to see your blog updated :) thanks. also, loved the ruby sessions music

Martha Rule said...

Love those Gilmores too, I need to attempt the photo an hour one of these days, but working at home I have the same fear that all pics would be of the same thing. Me in my jams eating toast most likely :) btw love your About page!

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