March 28, 2013


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1. One day I just wanted to make art so I made Twiggy
2. We went to Ladurée with Nikki – I got the beautiful box.
3. I killed a cactus. They say "it's impossible to kill a cactus" but it's dead. And my flowers don't look well. It's making me quite sad. They're just there, sick, and I have no idea what to do. More water? too much water? 
4. New books. I couldn't resist. Currently finishing the Fitzgerald on the top right. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is soooo not like the hollywood version!
5. Beautiful... aw, flowers, please please don't die. 
6. Handwashing all scarves and hats! It took a long time but it was worth it. 
7. More succulents. 
8. I ate each and every one of them. 

March 27, 2013


IMG_8307 IMG_8308 IMG_8306
top: H&M • jeans: AE • boots (can't see them...) c/o Blowfish Shoes • scarf: UO

This is what I wore to go to a wine tasting event on Saturday with my dad. It's not really just tasting; they expect you to end up buying some bottles – which we definitely did – but you get to move around the 300 or so tables and say "Hmmm... I'd like to try the Sauternes, s'il vous plaît" After trying the first Sauternes, I told my dad I had to find every table that sold it and I had to taste each and every one. It's wonderful because you get to taste wines that cost 50 euro a bottle sometimes, which obviously I could never buy. Unless I get quite rich, in which case I most definitely would buy the exceptional Sauternes wine I tasted at table J1. Anyway. Nothing fancy here. New favorite shirt, maybe? It's so so comfortable. I always end up saying that, huh... Have a good day. Wish me luck singing some songs tonight. Vx

March 19, 2013


This title comes simply from my search for William Carlos Williams' Spring and All. Apolline had it the other day; I opened it up and liked the few passages I read. I looked for it in several English used book stores. Nothing. Books often inspire my songs. Fahrenheit 451 definitely did. So did The Old Man and the Sea mixed with a story Kady read to me one night. As much as I love F. Scott Fitzgerald and am enjoying Tales of the Jazz Age, I've nothing so far for a song. Music excites me so much. I love planning the songs for the album. I love thinking about the artwork. I love the idea of being in a studio for hours on end with a lovely group of souls that have given it their everything, working and perfecting the album. I especially love thinking about the different instruments for each songs. I hear cello, I hear violin, I hear harmonium. When I wrote The Violin Song, and worked with Lauren to write the part for the violin, it came so easily. I could hear the violin in my head and hummed it to her for her to translate into violin language. It's harder when I'm trying to hear all these different instruments at the same time. Not very harmonious yet... It will be on the album though. The album. I say it like it's already in the works. It's still just me. Baby steps. It's exhilarating though. It is, it is. Vx

March 18, 2013


IMG_8123 IMG_8127 IMG_8125 IMG_8118 IMG_8117
sweater: H&M • necklace c/o Lisa Leonard • dress: thrifted • legwarmers c/o Tabbisocks • boots: André

Well, having Nikki over has been loads of fun so far. I honestly love when people come over. It's always great. We had raclette last night – it was delicious! Nikki finally bought herself a beige Longchamp bag and a lot of other lovely things. I took her to my regular thrift stores. I ended up finding some lovely things myself! I'll show you sometime, maybe. These pictures were taken on Saturday right before we met up with my mom to have crêpes at a restaurant near Saint-Sulpice. I ordered a salad thinking that I'd have room for dessert but the salad (as yummy as it was) was huge! We shared one crêpe 'tatin' amongst the three of us. It has apple, caramel au beurre salé, and vanilla ice-cream. It is... i can't even describe how amazingly good it is. The sweater I'm wearing in these pictures is so comfortable and has quickly become a favorite. Vx

March 17, 2013


animated gif how to

What a strange face I make when I dance... but, yes, that is something you will see me do often if you hang out with me enough. Everywhere, anywhere. Yesterday was a wonderful day spent with my lovely friend Nikki. We met at the beginning of my first year at Smith. Nikki was just back from a year abroad in Paris, so we had a lot to talk about. We became friends fairly quickly. And here she is again... Paris. Paris! Vx

March 15, 2013


IMG_7869 IMG_7857 IMG_7863 IMG_7876
top: F21 • cardigan: H&M • skirt: thrifted • boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

Let's get all the pictures from our trip to Morocco out of the way, shall we? Next post will be full of pictures of Paris, I promise! Here is an outfit post. Another 1 euro skirt: Score. Blowfish Boots are so so so comfy, as usual. I just got some wedge sandals in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to show ya! Pictures taken in Marrakech. Vx

March 12, 2013

MOROCCO [Part 3]

IMG_1614 IMG_1596
The bathroom in our last Riad – pretty colors. First mirror picture in a bathroom – last one too. This is Part 3, and so these are the last pictures of our trip to Morocco! I hope you enjoy them and I'll be back soon with an outfit post (from Morocco... so I guess one more post on our trip.) I've been pretty lazy these past few days. Hate it. Terrible feeling. Argh. See you soon. Vx
IMG_1699 IMG_7881 IMG_7905 IMG_1555 IMG_7917 IMG_7927 IMG_7929 IMG_7965 IMG_8008 IMG_8042 IMG_8057

[PART 1]  Fès, Meknès & Volubilis
[PART 2]  Rick's Café in Casablanca
[PART 3] Casablanca & Marrakech 

March 9, 2013

MOROCCO [Part 2]

IMG_1474 IMG_1472 IMG_1493 IMG_1503 IMG_1505 IMG_1533
Welcome to Rick's Café! You've seen the movie Casablanca, right? This was such a great experience. We had a lot of fun eating there. Now... I can't remember what Humphrey Bogart drank, but we had piña coladas – what can I say, I'm obsessed! Can you believe these pictures were taken with an iphone? Tip if you're in Morocco: If you really really love the movie Casablanca, like me, and just want to be able to say "I've been to Rick's Café" then go to Casablanca for a day. Take the train in the morning, go see the Hassan II Mosque during the afternoon, make reservations for Rick's Café for the evening and then leave the next morning 'cause there's nothing else to see! Spend more time in Marrakech, it's lovely. Cheers, Vx

[PART 1]  Fès, Meknès & Volubilis
[PART 2]  Rick's Café in Casablanca
[PART 3] Casablanca & Marrakech 

March 3, 2013


aaaand the detox starts today. Moroccan food is ridiculously good. "Tagine d'agneau aux pruneaux" – had that three or four times. Too good, too good. So, Morocco... My mother and I arrived in Fès early Saturday morning and I was exhausted from a late night out on Friday (you'd wonder why in the world someone would go out the night before a 7am flight, but it was worth it.) A tour guide drove us around and showed us some cool sights. Complete culture shock. I've never been to a place quite like Morocco. We visited Fès, Meknès, Casablanca and Marrakech. We traveled by train a couple times. I love being on a train and looking out the window, listening to music and just thinking, being. I get this wonderful feeling that I'm on some kind of adventure and the journey is just as good as the destination! In Casablanca, we went to Rick's Café of course. It was wonderful. I'm so happy I can say I've been to Casablanca and went to freakin' Rick's Café! I love love love the movie. And I bet someday I'll say "We'll always have Paris". I'll find the right moment, no worries. Marrakech was lovely and we finally felt a little more comfortable bargaining with the shop owners. I bought myself two lovely bags (one to travel and one for my day to day life), an awesome rug, and two tunics. Raaarrr love it all! (I don't know why but I keep hearing this "raarrrrr" in my head when I'm thinking. Maybe more "Rooaarrr". Not sure, but it's there, so I wrote it. You're now in my head.) I'm glad to be back in Paris now. A little price negotiation is fine, but after a while it's just incredibly exhausting. I definitely want to go back and stay in those wonderful Riad. In Marrakech we stayed at the Riad & Spa Bahia Salam. I highly recommend it. The room was beautiful, the people were nice, the food was good, and it was close to a lot of interesting places to visit. So... next time you're in Marrakech? Inch Allah. As always, they all asked if we were mother and daughter or sisters. Ah, to have young, good-looking parents! I hope you enjoy these pictures. Part 2 & 3 to come during the week. Cheers! Vx
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[PART 1]  Fès, Meknès & Volubilis
[PART 2]  Rick's Café in Casablanca
[PART 3] Casablanca & Marrakech 
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