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March 28, 2013


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1. One day I just wanted to make art so I made Twiggy
2. We went to LadurĂ©e with Nikki – I got the beautiful box.
3. I killed a cactus. They say "it's impossible to kill a cactus" but it's dead. And my flowers don't look well. It's making me quite sad. They're just there, sick, and I have no idea what to do. More water? too much water? 
4. New books. I couldn't resist. Currently finishing the Fitzgerald on the top right. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is soooo not like the hollywood version!
5. Beautiful... aw, flowers, please please don't die. 
6. Handwashing all scarves and hats! It took a long time but it was worth it. 
7. More succulents. 
8. I ate each and every one of them. 


Angela said...

great plants!!
awesome post!!

Angela Donava

RingTailedLemur said...


It's my first comment although I've been following you for a while now. Just wanted to tell you that I killed a cactus too :( I'm a mess, or I should say I was! cause now my plants look better, and was quite traumatized by how many plants I had killed...I went to the plant market and they sold me a cactus with the same promise: Cactus are inmortal, there's no way on earth you can kill them, they're endurable, need really no care at all...Well, I did kill it, and cause I know how it feels I wanted to tell you it's a matter of trying and persisting...I killed the cactus cause I didn't water it at all for months, and it was doing pretty well, just one day I was all like: "OMG! haven't water it for months, it must be thirsty" so basically I drown it :(
Now my plants look very nice, I have help of my bestfriend, who is really good at it, so now my house looks like a beautiful inner garden (of course some plants still die on me :( ) But they are doing much better...Be patient ;)
Congrats on your blog, I really like it :)



Valentina Duracinsky said...

Honestly, it kills me to see them dying!! I hate it :(

Thanks for your comment :)


Lisa said...

I found you over on Love Taza and now I'm giving you a follow. ;)

I LOVE Laduree. Or any macarons I guess.

Why don't you stop by?

Anonymous said...

i love your photos. and i really like the twiggy illustration!

you actually don't need to water cacti/succulents. just keep them in the sun and water them only when the soil looks really dry. you may be doing that but just in case you didn't know!

QueenLina said...

macaroons!!!!! love them!!! :*

lo said...

your photography is so wonderful! im enjoying your blog. :)

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