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March 27, 2013


IMG_8307 IMG_8308 IMG_8306
top: H&M • jeans: AE • boots (can't see them...) c/o Blowfish Shoes • scarf: UO

This is what I wore to go to a wine tasting event on Saturday with my dad. It's not really just tasting; they expect you to end up buying some bottles – which we definitely did – but you get to move around the 300 or so tables and say "Hmmm... I'd like to try the Sauternes, s'il vous plaĆ®t" After trying the first Sauternes, I told my dad I had to find every table that sold it and I had to taste each and every one. It's wonderful because you get to taste wines that cost 50 euro a bottle sometimes, which obviously I could never buy. Unless I get quite rich, in which case I most definitely would buy the exceptional Sauternes wine I tasted at table J1. Anyway. Nothing fancy here. New favorite shirt, maybe? It's so so comfortable. I always end up saying that, huh... Have a good day. Wish me luck singing some songs tonight. Vx

1 comment:

hennablossom said...

nothing wrong with being comfortable! ;)

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