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March 12, 2013

MOROCCO [Part 3]

IMG_1614 IMG_1596
The bathroom in our last Riad – pretty colors. First mirror picture in a bathroom – last one too. This is Part 3, and so these are the last pictures of our trip to Morocco! I hope you enjoy them and I'll be back soon with an outfit post (from Morocco... so I guess one more post on our trip.) I've been pretty lazy these past few days. Hate it. Terrible feeling. Argh. See you soon. Vx
IMG_1699 IMG_7881 IMG_7905 IMG_1555 IMG_7917 IMG_7927 IMG_7929 IMG_7965 IMG_8008 IMG_8042 IMG_8057

[PART 1]  Fès, Meknès & Volubilis
[PART 2]  Rick's Café in Casablanca
[PART 3] Casablanca & Marrakech 


Anna said...

Looks beautiful. Two questions: did you get a new phone? and is that yarn hanging over your heads? those colors are beautiful

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing pics! So beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

great pics

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