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March 19, 2013


This title comes simply from my search for William Carlos Williams' Spring and All. Apolline had it the other day; I opened it up and liked the few passages I read. I looked for it in several English used book stores. Nothing. Books often inspire my songs. Fahrenheit 451 definitely did. So did The Old Man and the Sea mixed with a story Kady read to me one night. As much as I love F. Scott Fitzgerald and am enjoying Tales of the Jazz Age, I've nothing so far for a song. Music excites me so much. I love planning the songs for the album. I love thinking about the artwork. I love the idea of being in a studio for hours on end with a lovely group of souls that have given it their everything, working and perfecting the album. I especially love thinking about the different instruments for each songs. I hear cello, I hear violin, I hear harmonium. When I wrote The Violin Song, and worked with Lauren to write the part for the violin, it came so easily. I could hear the violin in my head and hummed it to her for her to translate into violin language. It's harder when I'm trying to hear all these different instruments at the same time. Not very harmonious yet... It will be on the album though. The album. I say it like it's already in the works. It's still just me. Baby steps. It's exhilarating though. It is, it is. Vx

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Anonymous said...

I like Fahrenheit 451 too!

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