March 18, 2013


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sweater: H&M • necklace c/o Lisa Leonard • dress: thrifted • legwarmers c/o Tabbisocks • boots: André

Well, having Nikki over has been loads of fun so far. I honestly love when people come over. It's always great. We had raclette last night – it was delicious! Nikki finally bought herself a beige Longchamp bag and a lot of other lovely things. I took her to my regular thrift stores. I ended up finding some lovely things myself! I'll show you sometime, maybe. These pictures were taken on Saturday right before we met up with my mom to have crêpes at a restaurant near Saint-Sulpice. I ordered a salad thinking that I'd have room for dessert but the salad (as yummy as it was) was huge! We shared one crêpe 'tatin' amongst the three of us. It has apple, caramel au beurre salé, and vanilla ice-cream. It is... i can't even describe how amazingly good it is. The sweater I'm wearing in these pictures is so comfortable and has quickly become a favorite. Vx


Anonymous said...


Jennifer Lake said...

Yum, what I wouldn't do for a real parisian crepe!

Chelsea said...

I would love to go to paris!

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