April 29, 2013


After a great week in Rotterdam with my dear friend Felicie, I left for Ghent yesterday morning to meet up with some village people. Three trains and one tram later, Cormac came out to say hello and get some coffee. Then I followed him backstage and watched the band soundcheck. Very interesting. After soundcheck we went for a walk and a drink in sunny Ghent. What a lovely place! It was still quite cold though. Dinner, gig, backstage conversations, bar until 5am. That's pretty much the whole night in few words. It was loads of fun and full of silly dancing (Napoleon Dynamite dancing, Pulp Fiction dancing, weird Cormac dancing) These are all such lovely people. And their Irish accents... ah, so sexy. Thanks lads!
Hear a song of theirs here. Find more pictures here and here.
IMG_9104 IMG_9107 IMG_9108 IMG_9113 IMG_9119 IMG_9284 IMG_9162 IMG_9097 IMG_9153 IMG_9171 IMG_9157 IMG_9202 IMG_9208 IMG_9213 IMG_9215 IMG_9217 IMG_9256 IMG_9270

April 25, 2013


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Hello! Savannah here from Maiedae. While Valentina is away, she asked me to share some of my top traveling tips. One of my favorite things to do is take "mini" road-trips in the South East. Since my husband and I are working hard to pay off student loans during this time in our marriage, it hasn't been practical for us to take long vacations together. We've worked around this by taking mini vacations throughout the year and saving big time on our budget. Here are a couple of my tips for traveling for less:

1. Take a Carry On - If possible, save luggage fees by packing a carry-on. I purchased a hard case carry-on last year and it has been amazing to use. It travels well through the airport and fits perfectly in any overhead compartment. 

2. Ditch the Hotels - Recently I've been using VRBO for all of my vacation and travel lodging. VRBO is a vacation rental website where you can rent beautiful lofts, apartments and homes with full kitchens in beautiful locations for a great price. There is a wide variety of places to choose from all around the world. Every time we use this service we end of saving up to 50% (or more!) on what we would have spent on a hotel. PLUS they almost always have a full kitchen which is great for cooking your own meals and saving on going out to eat. 

3. Make it Special & Set a Budget - Think about the money you will spend on your trip. Budget enough for food, travel and shopping. Instead of going out to eat somewhere fancy every night, set one or two night to being a special celebration night and spend a little extra on those special nights, saving on the other nights. 

4. Goodies - Try not to make purchases you can already make in your hometown. When purchasing a souvenir, make sure it's something unique and special that holds a memory from your trip. 

5. Go With Friends & Family - Traveling with a group will save costs and allow you to split lodging, travel and food throughout your trip. 

I wish you many amazing trips and beautiful memories throughout the year!


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April 22, 2013


F1000018 F1000026
Tomorrow I take a train to... well, someplace nice. You'll see, I'll take a bunch of pictures and share them later on. I get to see some friends who don't live in Paris which is really quite nice. I'm excited. Though what I really am right now is tired; I got home from work at 1AM last night, and had to wake up early. I feel like I have a whole lot of things to do but right after lunch (sushi, yes yes) my body kind of shut down telling me to get in bed and rest. So I am resting. Just a little... And tomorrow I'll be off on another adventure. Vx

April 16, 2013


Here is a lovely video of Give & Take, a song by Kindlewood. I opened for Kindlewood back in November. They are such a great band, and so nice too! I hope you enjoy this. Vx

April 14, 2013


IMG_8752 IMG_8545 IMG_8651
What a beautiful, beautiful day! My goodness, it was so sunny and warm out. I'd be fine with summer being like this; when it gets too hot, the metro is a nightmare and you just don't want to go out into the streets of Paris – all the tourists in one big hot oven. Today was good though. My dad and I went to le Marais, walked all the way to Place des Vosges, sat for a bit, took pictures, and then walked all the way back to Metro Saint Paul taking little streets we didn't know. I found another thrift store (I think I'll probably work on one big list of thrift stores in Paris that I'll post in August before I leave) and I bought a lovely spring dress (see above). 

So many exciting things are happening... I'll leave one big piece of news until the end of the week but I'll tell you something pretty cool now. I'm going to have an instagram sale. I have a lot of clothes and I need to do some spring cleaning! I'm the same size I was when I was 14 but my style has changed so... Instagram sale! I'm still figuring out the price of shipping and everything. I'm in France and a lot of my followers are in America... I could also save things for certain people and send them once I get back in September? We will figure something out! But I'm pretty excited. 

I'm also excited about starting a juice fast/detox tomorrow. Today is the "day before" diet where you get your body ready for the detox. Nothing but juice and soups and vegetables. Lots of water. I will let you know how it goes. So far I've learned that I like tomato juice. Vx


I absolutely love Anaïs Mitchell (as you may know) and I also greatly admire Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). Here he is covering one of Anaïs Mitchell's best songs, Coming Down. It's one of those songs where I just can't explain how perfect it is.. but it is, oh yes yes. Go listen to Anaïs singing it here. It may be the best live version I've ever seen!

I just started listening to Hadestown, Anaïs Mitchell's fourth album released by Righteous Babe Records. It's a concept album and a 'folk opera' – which sounds amazing in my opinion. It's a variation on the greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. There are several guest singers, each one playing a different character (ex. Justin Vernon is Orpheus). There's this 24 second 'Songbird (Intro)' that is just strings – just lovely (one the things I'm most excited about in making an album is adding strings to my songs. So beautiful...) While I think it is pretty great overall, it is not perfect. I love whenever Anaïs or Justin Vernon sing, but there are other voices that I'm simply not into. I'm hoping to just get over their voice and to be able to listen to the songs in another way. Anaïs Mitchell is an incredible storyteller and songwriter and I don't want to miss out on a word. Weird, I read BBC's review and they say "Mitchell's sugar-coated, girlish vocals won't appeal to all, and initially distract from her considerable talents as a lyricist" but I don't really think of her voice as 'girlish'... Anyhow, my friends, it's not everyday you stumble upon a concept album, a folk opera so give it a listen! Vx

April 12, 2013

Paris f/1.8

IMG_8501 IMG_8531 IMG_8477 IMG_8479 IMG_8458 IMG_8455 IMG_8488 IMG_8485 IMG_8486 IMG_8497 IMG_8540 IMG_8500 Well, well, well, do I have some news. I finally got myself a lovely new lens and I couldn't be happier! It's absolutely amazing! I can't believe I waited so long to get it. These pictures were all taken today. I went, got the lens, met up with Maud, and took a million pictures. It was a great afternoon! Vx

1. New lens
2. New baby (One of four new ones!)
3. Maud turning the little handle that makes music... "I can't stop..."
4. Flowers
5. Paris, oh Paris!
6. Little picture of me
7, 8 & 9. Maud, her cider & her cigarette. 
10. Raining, raining, raining...
11. My dad in the kitchen
12. New notebooks! Love them all! I absolutely love Mucha so I was so so happy to find these. 

April 11, 2013


 photo freunde-von-freunden-hironamatsuda-059-930x619.jpg  photo freunde-von-freunden-hironamatsuda-066-930x620.jpg  photo freunde-von-freunden-hironamatsuda-013-930x620.jpg  photo freunde-von-freunden-hironamatsuda-040-930x619.jpg  photo freunde-von-freunden-hironamatsuda-032-930x620.jpg  photo freunde-von-freunden-hironamatsuda-044-930x620.jpg  photo freunde-von-freunden-hironamatsuda-042-930x620.jpg
There's this wonderful website with nothing but lovely people showing you their lovely homes. It makes me want to have my own house so I can decorate it anyway I want! This here is Hirona Matsuda's house in Charleston. I love it! I want all those plants. The decor is lovely in a messy way. I like that the house feels like there's someone living in it and like there's a story behind every piece. I don't like modern homes with all those modern plastic designs. You feel like you're at ikea or something. No, this house is so very beautiful. Vx

April 8, 2013


I don't know why but I have been loving Twiggy lately. All the pictures of her are stunning! She's so beautiful and I absolutely love her make up. It's so fun; I actually do it myself sometimes. It takes some practice but I like it! Here are some lovely pictures of the incomparable miss Twiggy... 

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Pictures found here
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