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April 1, 2013


To be fair, these are things I've acquired in the last three months, not last week. I've seen Betty's 'new things' posts and I like them, so I thought I'd write my own. Do you follow Le Blog de Betty? she's French (as far as I can tell) and she travels a lot for whatever reasons in the fashion world. Her style is undoubtably strange.

Thin leather wallet. It's so soft and beautiful and useful! I never carry much with me (in fact, my mom gets really mad when I don't have any money on me) so this is perfect for the very little I need. 
Hats, hats, hats. I'm not sure what happened! I've got a ton of berets but now I saw these awesome hats and really wanted them. (btw, I'll write a post about thrift stores in Paris soon). 
Eau ocĂ©ane - Biotherm. The most amazing eau de toilette out there. I absolutely love it. Late christmas present from my mom.
Travel bag. The coolest travel bag in the world (I shouldn't say that, my leather travel bag is amazing too). I got it in Morocco. Apparently it's too big to be a carry on. It's probably too small to be a suitcase. I'll use it for train rides... Can't wait to take the train! 
Dress, thrifted. It's hard finding things in thrift stores. There are soooo many ugly prints. At first I wasn't a big fan of this dress, but then I saw the waist and just had to try it on! It's a little short for my taste so I'll either wear it with mini shorts underneath or with tights. 
Handbag. In love with this bag! Also found in Morocco. It's so beautiful and fits a lot inside. The problem is to find what you're looking for. It's a big mess in there... 
Leather coin purse. I just had to have it. Again, I don't take much with me so this is perfect!
Leather boots. I realized in January that I had almost nothing to wear if it was raining. Too much suede, faux suede, ...even velvet in my shoe closet! These are simple and exactly what I wanted. 
Sunglasses. Rad. Truly. I can't wait until it's sunny so I can wear them more often. 
Dresses & skirts. top to bottom: Pacsun, H&M, thrifted (1€), thrifted (1€), thrifted (1€), thrifted (1€).  Score? 
Shoes. Ah, Blowfish Shoes, how I love you! I've already got a couple of outfits for these incredible shoes but it's still too cold out to wear them. Soon, soon!

There are still things that I didn't include in this post. It helps me see how much I've bought in the past three months. Obviously if I bought this month every three months, in a few years there wouldn't be room for me in my own room. I may sell some stuff, an instagram sale maybe? Thinking about it. Vx


Lisa Pappalardo said...

I LOVE that leather wallet and the travel bag!

xo Lisa

Bekuh Browning said...

The bags you found are incredible! I really love your new "train bag." The stitching on it is gorgeous.

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