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April 14, 2013


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What a beautiful, beautiful day! My goodness, it was so sunny and warm out. I'd be fine with summer being like this; when it gets too hot, the metro is a nightmare and you just don't want to go out into the streets of Paris – all the tourists in one big hot oven. Today was good though. My dad and I went to le Marais, walked all the way to Place des Vosges, sat for a bit, took pictures, and then walked all the way back to Metro Saint Paul taking little streets we didn't know. I found another thrift store (I think I'll probably work on one big list of thrift stores in Paris that I'll post in August before I leave) and I bought a lovely spring dress (see above). 

So many exciting things are happening... I'll leave one big piece of news until the end of the week but I'll tell you something pretty cool now. I'm going to have an instagram sale. I have a lot of clothes and I need to do some spring cleaning! I'm the same size I was when I was 14 but my style has changed so... Instagram sale! I'm still figuring out the price of shipping and everything. I'm in France and a lot of my followers are in America... I could also save things for certain people and send them once I get back in September? We will figure something out! But I'm pretty excited. 

I'm also excited about starting a juice fast/detox tomorrow. Today is the "day before" diet where you get your body ready for the detox. Nothing but juice and soups and vegetables. Lots of water. I will let you know how it goes. So far I've learned that I like tomato juice. Vx

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