May 31, 2013


Hello, hello. 
Recent events have pushed me to really focus on the things I want, and try to make them happen. One of those things is to lose some weight and get toned. I thought today I could talk a little bit about my history with weight loss and fitness. I was thinking about my current weight and remembered when I was 12 and on a trip to California. I weighed myself because there was a scale (which we didn't have at home). I remember clearly: 115 pounds. It didn't mean much to me since I didn't understand pounds because I'm from Europe (hello, Kg...) I also remember that my best friend was thin, and I'd been told she and I had different body shapes. Basically, I was told I was a little heavy. I didn't like that at all. 

12, 13... I was a teenager by then and very aware of my body. I didn't like what I saw in the mirror one bit.  I knew I was heavier than some of my friends who at that age still looked petite with no curves. But I didn't know how to lose weight, I didn't know how to eat. So I'd do unhealthy things like skip lunch. Then I'd come home around 4pm and have a gigantic snack... I didn't know much about portions or calories. I didn't lose any weight. It's not like I was starving myself. I never had the self control to be anorexic, and I love food way too much! 

Fast forward to when I was turning 15 years old. I'm half colombian and in Colombia we celebrate the "quinceañera" which is like a Sweet 16 when you're 15. I picked out this beautiful dress on this website (yes, I still remember!) and it said Waist: 27. My waist was not 27. I think it was 28 or 29. This was a small detail but to make sure I fit into the dress, I decided to finally go on a diet. My mom's friend recommended the Dukan diet, which is a protein diet in 4 phases. I honestly can't believe how well I followed it. It's the only time I've ever had any self control for so long haha. I believe I went from 115 lbs (52kg) to 110 lbs (50kg). The dress fit and we all lived happily ever after... Thanks to the Dukan diet, I learned about portions, about proteins, and how to eat well. I realized you don't have to starve yourself to lose weight.

What pushed me to write this today? Weighing myself this morning. 48 kg. For some reason, I felt like googling "kg to lbs". Result? 105 lbs. Then I went WOW... I've lost 10 pounds? What has changed since the first/last diet? I started working out (but still not a lot), and most importantly, I try to eat smaller portions and only when I'm hungry. I try to gather all the self-control I have (which is not much) when I'm hungry and making myself lunch or dinner and try to remind myself that just because I'm staaaarving doesn't mean I can eat a cow. It's funny, you think that just because you're really hungry, you'll be able to eat more, so you fill up your plate... but it's such a mistake. Whenever I have that "Oh my god, I ate way too much" feeling, I make a mental note of everything I just ate and try to put less on my plate next time. Speaking of feeling full, I actually have a tendency to eat until I can't eat anymore because I love food so much. It's a mistake, and so now I try to focus even MORE on portions and what's on the plate. I have a pretty good idea of how much food I need to satisfy my hunger... it's a lot less than you would think. If we all stopped eating when our body said "yep, that's enough fuel for now", we would all be a lot thinner, I think. I like the idea of eating smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big meals. In fact, I read somewhere that we should all be doing that.

These days, I'm a lot happier with my body but I still want a flat belly, no love handles and thinner (and MUCH more toned!) inner thighs. I'm still learning, and sometimes I give into the temptation of eating a lot of something I love. But my recent trip to Italy taught me that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. My dad and I were there for 6 days and I ate one and a half pizzas. That is all! In Italy! Past summers, I've been known to eat a pizza every day. They're so thin and delicious, you can most definitely eat a pizza for lunch or dinner. If I were to go back to L'antica Pizzeria da Michele, I would of course, no doubt about it, eat a whole pizza. The point is... I'm stronger now.

I love cooking, I love thinking of the healthy things I'll feed my kids one day, and I love learning about portions, etc. That was my story and I have a lot of health/food related posts in store for you... stay tuned. Cheers, Vx

May 27, 2013


I have several body lotions but once they're all done, this is the one I'll stick with. I have sensitive skin so I love that it's 'fragrance free'. It's not greasy and leaves your skin nice and smooth. 
I've used this for years. I can't use anything that is scented and this is absolutely perfect. I love it. 
my mom uses this hand cream and now I use it too. I can't remember not having one of these in the house. It can be really heavy and feel greasy at first, but then your hands are so soft and smooth!
this may only be available in Europe, I have absolutely no idea, but it's a wonderful body scrub. It smells delicious and it works really well!
this is a pretty nice conditioner. It says you should leave it on 5 to 10 minutes. Isn't it usually 3? My only problem is that the bottle is so small, and that sometimes I don't want to wait 5 to 10 minutes... 
6. Argan oil 
any argan oil. Jesus, what a miracle worker. If you have any scars from spots on your face, or wrinkles, or anything, this is just magical. I like to use it once a week. I leave it on my face for an hour and then wash it off. It's oil, so more than that and my face will get too oily! This is something I can't live without.
I only recently bought this. I've used it once and I loved the feel, even the smell. It's for sensitive skins so it's what I needed. 
I bought this one two days before I bought the mask. I use it once or twice a week and love it. It doesn't feel unnatural like so many products today.

I hope you liked this post. It was fun sharing about beauty products. My hope is to use more and more natural products, as well as high-quality products (which doesn't always mean 'more expensive'). I also would like to make more things at home, such as body scrubs. The coconut body scrub just smells so good... but I make my own hand scrub and lip scrub which is a great start! Have you ever watched The Story of Cosmetics? It's quite scary! Once I'm a mother, I will definitely be using natural products for my little ones. Soon, I'll write a post on make-up so stay tuned... To be completely honest, there's not much to write, I'm not a huge make-up person, but it'll be fun nonetheless. Cheers! Vx

May 25, 2013


IMG_0058 IMG_0033 IMG_0053 IMG_0046
top: Pacsun • skirt: thrifted • bag c/o Pili Barreneche • shoes c/o Blowfish Shoes

This outfit is a little crazy – at least I think so! I usually stick to very simple outfits, nothing too out there. Here, there are stripes, flowers, and crazy crazy shoes! This is one of my new thrifted skirts that I love. Nothing more me than a floor length skirt. I got these Blowfish shoes a while back but the weather has been so bad, I couldn't wear them until now. They're pretty high, so I'm constantly afraid of falling... If you follow the Pili Barreneche link you will land on my brand new Instagram 'shop'! There are some of the bags there, but it's mostly clothing and jewelry I'm selling. Go check it out! Vx

May 24, 2013


IMG_0165 IMG_0145 IMG_0147 IMG_0152 IMG_0149 IMG_0178 IMG_0196 IMG_0200 IMG_0226 IMG_0230 IMG_0214 IMG_0249 IMG_0250 IMG_0269 IMG_0287 IMG_0291 IMG_0301
Hello... I'm writing from my kitchen floor. My room and living room bore me a little, I needed change. The temptation to eat is quite strong. Focus, focus...I love these pictures. The walls were amazing! Look at those vibrant colors... So, a little bit about the pictures if you wish to know more. That's me in the first picture (if you didn't know) - there I am, Villagers' official photographer... ok, not really. In pictures 2 and 3 you can see Danny and Cormac digging into the French pastries I brought for them. Well, officially for Cormac for his birthday, but there were three pastries, so everyone shared and enjoyed them! You're welcome. James showing us funny videos... Then that's me again in the black dress (thank you Pepa Loves! It's definitely one my favorite dresses in my closet. Absolutely gorgeous). I only got pictures of Conor right before going on stage and he was being quite silly and getting closer and closer (which you can't do with my lens!). Then there's mister Cormac with his nice smile and the hat I should've stolen borrowed. The hug before going on stage... and then they're playing their instruments and singing their songs. I don't have pictures from after the show, but it was a very fun night. Merci! Vx 

May 23, 2013


IMG_0202IMG_0203 IMG_0201 IMG_0190 IMG_0185 IMG_0221 IMG_0223 IMG_0237 IMG_0267 IMG_0265 IMG_0266
I have many, many, many pictures of last night with my dear friends les villageois so I'm splitting this post in two. Here are the black & white pictures, tomorrow I'll post the pictures that are oh-so-colorful (you shall see!) Last night, Villagers came to Paris to play a lovely gig at La Cigale. My god are these guys fun! I always get quite sad when they have to leave. Conor did say "see you soon"... Let's hope so. Vx

May 19, 2013


 photo 603615_545112408872964_936943031_n.jpg
Wait... I've talked about these guys, but have I shared their music? Maybe, but not in a while. Anto (Marky Mark) shall remain one of my favorite people for a while for letting me stay at his house in Dublin twice. They're all such lovely people and their music is quite amazing. If you're just hearing of them now, just know they're a great band based in Dublin and their debut album came out this year so if you like this, then go ahead and get it! I think this may be my favorite song of theirs... ah, but they're all good. Vx


 photo 2013-04-26-ArtNouveauTamara.jpg
If you're in Paris sometime from now until September, I encourage you to go to this great exhibition at La Pinacothèque (métro Madeleine). My favorite artist at the moment (and for the past three years) is Alfons Mucha. And this Art Nouveau exhibition features him and a lot of others I had never heard of before! There was of course the famous "chat noir"... and not only paintings and lithographs and drawings but furniture and jewelry... a wonderful collection! I went with my friend Rozena, and at the end I told her that while everything was amazing, Mucha's work was still the absolute best. She said you could definitely spot Mucha from a mile away. When I went to Prague with my mom three years ago, we went to the Mucha Museum and I was in heaven! Oh, right... So if you're in Prague... go there! Vx

May 18, 2013


IMG_9513 IMG_9483 IMG_9316 IMG_9392 IMG_9472 IMG_9486 IMG_9490 IMG_9528 IMG_9540 IMG_9545
Some pictures from my time in Italy with my dad. Beautiful landscapes, don't you think? The food was ridiculously good. I freakin' love octopus, you have no idea... In that last picture, I was probably listening to Bon Iver - something from the 2011 album. Incredible, absolutely incredible. Right now, I'm talking with friends/family about doing some more traveling in the next few months... so exciting! 

May 15, 2013


IMG_9395 IMG_9377 IMG_9383 IMG_9361 IMG_9410
necklace c/o elladolce • top: H&M • skirt: thrifted • bag c/o Pepa Loves • shoes: André • Scarf: Penneys

Oh my lord, has it been two months since the last outfit post!? I had no idea. Well here it is, finally. I wore this outfit in Italy - The weather was fantastic that day. This bag was a wonderful gift from the cute spanish shop Pepa Loves. I can't wait to show you the dress they sent me. It's absolutely gorgeous. Here are some of my favorite items from their store: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 - I'm officially back... The three weeks of traveling were amazing and so tiring. My room is absolute chaos. All I want to do is rest and watch TV shows - on my list are New Girl, Seinfeld, Friends, and Modern Family. Let's do this! Vx

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