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May 19, 2013


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If you're in Paris sometime from now until September, I encourage you to go to this great exhibition at La Pinacothèque (métro Madeleine). My favorite artist at the moment (and for the past three years) is Alfons Mucha. And this Art Nouveau exhibition features him and a lot of others I had never heard of before! There was of course the famous "chat noir"... and not only paintings and lithographs and drawings but furniture and jewelry... a wonderful collection! I went with my friend Rozena, and at the end I told her that while everything was amazing, Mucha's work was still the absolute best. She said you could definitely spot Mucha from a mile away. When I went to Prague with my mom three years ago, we went to the Mucha Museum and I was in heaven! Oh, right... So if you're in Prague... go there! Vx

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