May 27, 2013


I have several body lotions but once they're all done, this is the one I'll stick with. I have sensitive skin so I love that it's 'fragrance free'. It's not greasy and leaves your skin nice and smooth. 
I've used this for years. I can't use anything that is scented and this is absolutely perfect. I love it. 
my mom uses this hand cream and now I use it too. I can't remember not having one of these in the house. It can be really heavy and feel greasy at first, but then your hands are so soft and smooth!
this may only be available in Europe, I have absolutely no idea, but it's a wonderful body scrub. It smells delicious and it works really well!
this is a pretty nice conditioner. It says you should leave it on 5 to 10 minutes. Isn't it usually 3? My only problem is that the bottle is so small, and that sometimes I don't want to wait 5 to 10 minutes... 
6. Argan oil 
any argan oil. Jesus, what a miracle worker. If you have any scars from spots on your face, or wrinkles, or anything, this is just magical. I like to use it once a week. I leave it on my face for an hour and then wash it off. It's oil, so more than that and my face will get too oily! This is something I can't live without.
I only recently bought this. I've used it once and I loved the feel, even the smell. It's for sensitive skins so it's what I needed. 
I bought this one two days before I bought the mask. I use it once or twice a week and love it. It doesn't feel unnatural like so many products today.

I hope you liked this post. It was fun sharing about beauty products. My hope is to use more and more natural products, as well as high-quality products (which doesn't always mean 'more expensive'). I also would like to make more things at home, such as body scrubs. The coconut body scrub just smells so good... but I make my own hand scrub and lip scrub which is a great start! Have you ever watched The Story of Cosmetics? It's quite scary! Once I'm a mother, I will definitely be using natural products for my little ones. Soon, I'll write a post on make-up so stay tuned... To be completely honest, there's not much to write, I'm not a huge make-up person, but it'll be fun nonetheless. Cheers! Vx


Rachael said...

We have loads of Burt Bee products for our new baby- they smell divine.Rx

ELISA said...

Neutrogena hand cream is the best!

Frivolezze Provinciali said...

I love Neutrogena! they all seems to be good products!

♥ Margherita ♥

Frivolezze Provinciali


Anngelik Martinez said...

I love 'Burt's Bees' products! The rest, I need to try.


Adriana Lucia said...

I love Neutrogena! They always have the best products!

fhenny said...

i love burt's bee!
style frontier

Gina Fadia said...

Great post, I use the facial Neutrogena, its the best. Thank you for visiting my blog
Maybe we can follow each other, let me know
a beautiful maison

Olga said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

jennie said...

I really like Burt's Bees products <3

Jennie xo |

Angela said...

awesome products!
love the post!

Angela Donava

Benlovesting said...

Thanks for sharing! X

Pauline Janssen said...

I have a lot of Burt Bees products. But this body lotion is very interesting. I have a sensitive skin as well so I can't wear anything that has perfume in it! Def gonna give it a shot!

You've got yourself a new follower on Bloglovin':)

Lots of love; Pauline

Anonymous said...

that coconut body scrub sounds amazing. i love the packaging on these products haha.

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