June 26, 2013


Today I'm going shopping with my dad. Believe it or not, I've rarely gone shopping with my mom. Maybe because my mom always likes to make me feel guilty for getting something new: "Do you really need that? Don't you have enough? I thought you wanted to stop spending?" yada, yada, yada (someone's been watching Seinfeld). That voice is already in my head! Sometimes I'm human and I just don't want to listen to it. Sometimes getting something new makes me feel good... for a little while.

There is a battle in my head. There is, there is! I've been trying to get rid of loads of things – not just clothes... anything! It takes a really long time. And I don't mean a matter of hours. I mean, you dive into your closet the first time, you pick out one or two dresses you haven't worn and put them in the "donate/sell" pile. But you can't possibly get rid of anything else, no... A couple days later you realize how hard it is to get rid of your possessions and you try harder. You try your other closet, where all the random crap is. All my random crap is in little shoe boxes. I don't even know what's in there, I just know I need it. Then, after about a dozen tries, you finally get rid of a good amount of things! 

I've come up with one simple rule I am determined to follow. One item in, one item out. Whenever I buy something, I will also get rid of something. A skirt, a book, even a fucking pen, it doesn't matter, something has got to go. 

I started by saying I'm going shopping today... you're probably thinking Why the fuck are you going shopping if you're trying to be a minimalist?! Well, I have a short list of "essentials". A white t-shirt,  a black tank top, a white silk blouse, a pair of brogues, a pair of sandals, and some pyjamas. There are too many things in my closet I can't wear because i don't have anything to go with it. Hopefully that will change now. 

There's always room for improvement. I'm not Chris McCandless, unfortunately. This road to minimalism will be a long long long one, but I hope to slowly get rid of more things and live more a more simple, less cluttered life, with less attachment to material possessions (obviously not talking about my guitar, let's not go crazy).

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Q: What is minimalist living?
A: It’s simply getting rid of things you do not use or need, leaving an uncluttered, simple environment and an uncluttered, simple life. It’s living without an obsession with material things or an obsession with doing everything and doing too much. It’s using simple tools, having a simple wardrobe, carrying little and living lightly. (LINK)

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Irela said...

I strive to live a minimalist life. Unfortunately when I moved it got out of hand and I ended up purchasing things I know now were not necessary. I've only been in my apt for 4 months but I already feel like I need to de-clutter!

Thanks for the links!

Melissa said...

Great post! I also strive to live simply, but I too have so much stuff I'm afraid to get rid of. It is slowly but surely happening!


Hanna said...

Great post! I'm also really trying (and sometimes failing) at decluttering my whole life. I've worked hard on my closet and actually gave away LOTS of stuff. It feels so good. We'll see if more stuff goes in the future. Now I just have to go through my jewellery, all that random paper, oh my. Thanks for the links, I am definitely going to check them out.

And great blog by the way!

Mirror of Fashion said...

Wise words! Simplicity is so underestimated.

Little Tree Vintage said...

couldnt agree more. less is always more <3

jenn from much to my delight said...

I just discovered your blog and am so glad to have done so! As a New Yorker, minimalism is not so much of a choice as a necessity, but I kind of enjoy forcing myself to live within a small space. Simplifies everything. Wish I'd found your lovely blog before my recent trip to Paris...your recommendations would have come in handy. I'll have to use them for next time:) Cheers, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

So lovely to find minimalism to be growing and 'meeting' more people who embrace the lifestyle. I love what you said about essentials. After all of the downsizing that we have done I've realized how much of it was cheap stuff. Now I'm striving to get the essentials that I really want, and particularly those of lasting quality. Cheers to simple living and loving everything we own.

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