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June 18, 2013


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top: H&M • pants: thrifted • boots: André • bag: Rue Princesse

Stupid wrinkled shirt... I knew I should've ironed it. God, I'm lazy. The other day my mom and I went to Fuxia for lunch. Deliiicious. I already knew what I wanted (Farfalle Pastore) but I also knew that I always end up feeling super full, so I asked if they had doggy bags (not so much in France)... they did! I ate half, and brought the other half home to eat for dinner. It's a small thing, but it made me happy.
I don't know if you can really see the necklace but it's my absolute favorite. I was walking around Barcelona with my cousin last month and we went into a jewelry store... there were loads of things, I almost didn't see this. But when I did I knew I had to have it. It wasn't too expensive but at first I said "I'll wait until Monday. If I still want it then, I'll come back and get it." but after thinking about it for five minutes, I just went ahead and bought it. Whaaaatever, it's too cool. Voilà. Perfect. Have a great day. Vx


Amber said...

Peacocking. That reminds me of Tom Haverford and his ridiculous hat, but you look so much cuter!

XO, Amber,

Stylishlyme said...

That's a very cute necklace, it's unique.


Tiff C said...

Awesome pants! Also, were did you take these photos? The doors in the background are gorgeous!

Stop by!

Irela said...

Oh I love your pants, they are so summery. The peacock necklace is awesome, I wish I could find it somewhere online :(

Dilan Dilir said...

wonderful look :D

Ester Durães said...

love your pants! I have very similar boots :)

Drawing Dreaming

Lubna O. said...

These pants are killer! Love the color and print.



GREAT pants

much love from NYC

R said...

I love these pants and also the boots! So relaxed yet classy :)

Akina Fox said...

Loving your jewelry <3 so pretty!


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