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June 4, 2013


500 what? 500 calories.

Yes! Today I'd like to share a meal that was under 500 calories. I don't think most people count calories or think that much about the little details in a meal (ex: one tablespoon of ketchup = 15 calories). One little tip I've heard is "don't drink your calories". When we think about what we're eating, we sometimes forget to add all the calories that do come from our drink (unless that drink is water). I just say... don't forget. Take it into account if you're trying to pay attention to what you eat. I'm really happy with my lunch today. I counted calories in every single thing, and weighed stuff... not something I'm used to but it was pretty fun. 

Here is my lunch:

Chicken (85g) + salsa verde (3 tbsp): 120 cal
Potatoes (50g) + ketchup (1 tbsp): 110 cal
one small carrot: 20 cal
crème de marrons (30g) + crème fraîche (1 tbsp): 135 cal
cranberry juice (5 oz): 75 cal
water: 0 cal

TOTAL: 460 calories

As I said before, I'm happy with this lunch. I don't have that horrible feeling of being too full and it didn't feel like I was depriving myself of something good... It was really delicious! The potatoes, which were basically fries, were satisfying and eating 50g was more than enough (i didn't even need that much ketchup). I waited 20 minutes to eat my dessert which was a good pause. Since I like the idea of eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones, I think the way I would've made this into two meals would be eating the carrots and some spinach first (I'd say that adds 40 calories), waiting an hour and then eating the chicken and fries. That's just an idea. Want a little tip? Drink a full glass of water before every meal. Anyyyyway.... that was fun! I love talking about food. Cheers! Vx


Irela said...

That's a pretty good looking meal. I try to do 500 or less as well for lunch. It's crazy how much food you can actually eat staying within 500 as long as its fresh and non-processed.

Katie said...

Thanks so much for the blog comment!

This lunch looks good!!


Mira said...

It looks delicious and healthy. I would love to eat that right now <3


Heather said...

I'm counting calories and I never remember to count my drinks! x

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