July 30, 2013


IMG_2675 IMG_1063
top: H&M • skirt: thrifted • beautiful shoes: unknown

This was the first time I was able to wear that skirt. Yes to working out! Then we had a gigantic lunch and it didn't feel so good to be wearing something so tight around my stomach haha. That may be why I usually opt for loose clothing. You feel free...

July 29, 2013


IMG_1715 IMG_1707 IMG_1618 IMG_1616 IMG_1620 Oh. my. goodness. I don't even know where to start. I think I know Candelaria is my favorite place in Paris. I took some friends there for my birthday – perfect birthday meal – and I was a bit worried because one girl wasn't the biggest fan of spicy, "strange" stuff. Well, she and everyone else loved the food! It's not spicy unless you add one of the delicious hot sauces they have. Hmm, Valentina is the best by the way. Yes, there's a hot sauce out there with my name on it. And I have to say, I'm delicious.
We pretty much got everything on the menu except the "rajas/crema" taco. As a vegetarian, Hatley couldn't eat the pork taco – but no worries! They have a "queso fresco" taco that is heavenly. I ordered it with the "nopal" (you can see what it looks like in the last picture). Holy crap is that delicious. Everything is so good. I'm writing this at 10:30 in the morning and I just want one of their tacos right now.
We talked to one of the lovely ladies there, and she said that Candelaria is also 4th in "World's best cocktail bar". Amazing!? I've only been there for brunch and dinner, I still haven't gone for drinks but I will let you know soon. If you are in Paris, I highly recommend this place. I give it a million trillion stars. Seriously. Check out my birthday post for more pictures at Candelaria.

I want to go every day this week... maybe I will. Vx 
IMG_1654 IMG_1628 IMG_1617 IMG_1636 IMG_1669

July 26, 2013


IMG_1388 IMG_1277 IMG_1386 IMG_2070 IMG_1451 IMG_1518 IMG_0716 IMG_2068 IMG_1933
New shoes I am absolutely in love with // don't forget sunscreen, people! // an outfit I loved from back when it was cool enough to wear sweaters // Apolline's amazing apartment // honestly, I am so happy with my hair // delicious tea // delicious cheese // one of my best friends resting - photo by Apolline // Apolline and Eloise at the carnival.

This week, I loved...

July 23, 2013


Oh, Paris... I love you but I'm just going to stay home and hide from the sun. Yesterday was atrociously hot, my friend Apolline and I hid in a movie theater near Opéra in the late afternoon and watched Frances Ha – which I enjoyed. Today I just want to work out while watching Community, read, finish a couple songs, write a screenplay (why not?), make some deviled eggs, take about a dozen twenty second ice-cold showers, walk around the apartment naked (it's fun, try it), and listen to Radiohead. Vx

July 22, 2013


F1000010 F1000004 F1000012
I'm loving taking pictures with my disposable cameras. In London, I was lucky enough to find a store that was trying to get rid of their kodak disposable cameras so they had a 2 for £4 special. Here, you can usually get one for 10€... I jumped at the occasion and got myself 4 packs – 8 cameras! As much as I love love love my Canon DSLR, it's been fun not taking it on trips and experimenting with the disposable cameras alone. It also means I can't post the pictures on the blog as quickly, but it's a lovely lesson in patience. 
The first picture is hanging above my bed. I am in love with the colors in the sky and above all the métro sign that makes it undoubtably clear that it is a picture of Paris... Vx

July 19, 2013


We both like goat's cheese. I think we can be good friends now. BOOP
(Thank you for the hug.)

[ I am off on another mini adventure this weekend. See you in a while, blog world. Vx ] 

July 15, 2013


IMG_1588 IMG_1597 IMG_1630 IMG_1621 IMG_1701 IMG_1657
My birthday is July 14th - which also happens to be Bastille day. Last year, I spent my birthday in Dublin, all the years before that I was in Colombia or Italy... I don't remember the last time I celebrated my birthday in Paris... so yesterday was quite wonderful. My best friend/big sister Hatley came over from Oxford with some friends for the weekend which was magical. I feel so grateful. I knew I wanted to go to Candelaria for my birthday. Best tacos ever. We stumbled across Pierre Hermé and my mom got some macarons 'cause, hey, it was my birthday! In the evening, my friends organized a little picnic for me at the Tuileries park. Apolline made a cake. Thank you. At eleven, we saw the fireworks. Isn't Paris dreamy? Boom. Boom. Fantastic birthday. Vx
IMG_1733 IMG_1740 IMG_1835 IMG_1781 IMG_1817 IMG_1874 IMG_1846 IMG_1879 IMG_1896 IMG_1922 IMG_1919 IMG_2026

July 14, 2013


Today is my birthday. 
Young body, old soul – i must say, age is just a number.
Nevertheless, let's celebrate with lots of wine!

July 11, 2013


IMG_0683 IMG_0714 IMG_0708
top: Marshalls • jeans: H&M • shoes: Miss Sixty

I wore this on a warm day in June while I was out exploring Paris. I found a friend.

July 10, 2013


hand to heart - Valentina Duracinsky
How strange nighttime is. Thoughts you usually avoid force themselves into your brain, roll down your cheeks and arrive like hot waves in your chest. You can try to read but not even Vonnegut helps. You can try to sleep but in the dark there are even less distractions. I need more sleep... I do, I do.

Were all the stars to disappear or die,
I should learn to look at an empty sky
And feel its total dark sublime,
Though this might take me a little time.
.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   ..     ..W. H. Auden



Ah... I am back in Paris. This trip to London was absolutely fantastic. I got to spend loads of time with Ann and David [see Paris with the Thompsons post] which was perfect, as well as meeting my Australian friend Joshua for the first time. He's a lot taller in person. He's also the friendliest person on this planet. If you are in front of him, he will talk to you. Unlike me. I will get out my journal and write, or just stare at the ground like the pathetic loner I am. 
I didn't give an explanation to last post's picture. Hopefully you will have figured out that it was everything I decided to take with me on the trip. It was not much; thankfully I travel enough that each time I know I can take even less. It's amazing. 
Getting back from a trip is always a little strange. I love getting back to my room, my guitar, but soon I'm ready to get back out there. Going online is daunting. There were about, oh, one thousand million blog posts waiting to be read on bloglovin. It made me realize that I usually prefer blogs that don't post too often. 
I can't wait to develop the pictures from London. That's right, develop. I decided not to take my big trusty Canon on this trip. I wanted to experiment with only disposable cameras. We shall see. Vx

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