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July 10, 2013


Ah... I am back in Paris. This trip to London was absolutely fantastic. I got to spend loads of time with Ann and David [see Paris with the Thompsons post] which was perfect, as well as meeting my Australian friend Joshua for the first time. He's a lot taller in person. He's also the friendliest person on this planet. If you are in front of him, he will talk to you. Unlike me. I will get out my journal and write, or just stare at the ground like the pathetic loner I am. 
I didn't give an explanation to last post's picture. Hopefully you will have figured out that it was everything I decided to take with me on the trip. It was not much; thankfully I travel enough that each time I know I can take even less. It's amazing. 
Getting back from a trip is always a little strange. I love getting back to my room, my guitar, but soon I'm ready to get back out there. Going online is daunting. There were about, oh, one thousand million blog posts waiting to be read on bloglovin. It made me realize that I usually prefer blogs that don't post too often. 
I can't wait to develop the pictures from London. That's right, develop. I decided not to take my big trusty Canon on this trip. I wanted to experiment with only disposable cameras. We shall see. Vx


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