July 4, 2013


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A couple of weeks ago, my best friend/sister Hatley came over to Paris with her parents, Ann and David. The reason we are "sisters" is because we literally grew up like sisters. My mom was her babysitter while she was pregnant with me, so Hatley knew me before I was even born. After that, we were inseparable for 7 years, until the day I moved to Spain. Hatley, Ann and David would meet us every summer for a couple of weeks in the south of France. Then we moved to Paris, so they came to Paris one summer. Then my mom and I started going to Colombia and so they came with us. They were a bit scared but quickly fell in love with my mom's family (hello, nicest ever), the food, the finca and everything having to do with Colombia. They came a couple more times, and then life happened. I hadn't seen then in four years. Four years! So I was so excited for June 20. And as you could imagine, we talked like we had just seen each other the past week, like it hadn't been four years, like nothing had changed.
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We got to hear B.J Novak workshop his book at Shakespeare & Co, we ordered the most amazing drink of all: Royal Fuck Mojito, my mom made Hatley's favorite Arroz con leche, we ate cheese, and we walked around Paris... it was very special. Vx
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Prettygreentea said...

Lovely photos :).

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun! great photos :)
Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

Xo, Hannah

rebekka said...

That firecracker drink looks awesome!!!

Jessica L said...

Paris seems so magical. The food and desserts are so appealing. Looks like everyone always has a lovely time. I want to go now even more. -Jess L

Amanda said...

Wow everything about this rules! Love love love. I really want a fuck mojito now.

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