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August 12, 2013

{ FILM }

Tomorrow I leave for a little over a week. My mom and I are going hiking... I won't have access to the Internet most of the time but I may post a couple things on my Instagram if there's the occasion so stay tuned. Time flies, my god. I go back to Smith so soon. Before I know it, it'll be Christmas and I'll be in Paris again... I'm so glad I started taking pictures with disposable cameras this year. I love looking back and remembering the moments I took those pictures... Here are some from my travels around Europe. Vx

Abruzzo Neuilly Sur Seine Neuilly Sur Seine Barcelona Amsterdam London
1. Abruzzo, Italy  •  2 & 3. Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France  •  4. Barcelona, Spain
5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands  •  6. London, England


Anonymous said...

This film is all so stunning. I love the last shot!

Xo, Hannah


Silumos Siurbliai said...

Nice photos :)

Anne said...

You pictures are so nice !!
I love so much Gaudi !
Kiss !


Lisa Pappalardo said...

Beautiful photos! I love the way film looks too.
Have a wonderful time hiking!

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

Z said...

I love the photo of the canal! they were some of my favorite sights in europe. so beautiful!

Niki said...

Love these photos! Have a great trip :)


lo said...

so pretty. i like the first one the best, i think.

Brigita said...

Those disposable camera shots are great, they seem more personal and inviting at the same time. And I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog! :)



oh these are stunning! so beautifulxx

Jessica L said...

Such beautiful photos and a nice peek into your life! Love! -Jess L

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