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August 27, 2013


film camera 1
1. I am all packed and ready to go. What? YES. I did all of my packing for Smith on Sunday! Ok, there are some clothes I will take that I've left out so I don't have to walk around naked this week, and the shoes are still in the closet. But other than that, everything is packed. There's a pretty big "donate" pile, which I'm proud of. 

2. The secret to packing in one day? I didn't watch TV shows while doing it. Yes, I'm guilty of watching stuff on my computer while I do other things but my brain is fried from finishing seven seasons of Dexter in one month. I spend too much time on the computer and too much time watching shows, and I want to stop. So far, I've been pretty freakin' productive. Woop!

3. I've gone walking/running three mornings in a row! I'm trying to go to sleep at 11pm and get up at 6:30am every day. Hopefully it'll stick. 

4. Thom Yorke has been on repeat for the last month. I am in love with The Eraser. It is in my top albums of all times with Music in Mouth (Bell X1) and The Year of Hibernation (Youth Lagoon). There are more, but those are the two I could think of. If I could sing with anyone right now, it would be Thom Yorke.


Lisa Pappalardo said...

I watch TV shows like that too! Always on Netflix. It's just awful...such a bad habit...but I just need to finish Roswell.

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons
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juni // hej juni said...

oh I love thom yorke! also I agree, my days are most productive when I force myself NOT to turn on my computer while eating breakfast, I usually end up not going near it till well into the afternoon if I do that :)

Lisa Pappalardo said...

Oh and I put you up for the Liebster Award on the blog today, come look!

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

Anonymous said...

Love these shots! I'm in the process of packing for school too.. it's a bit overwhelming! Good luck at Smith!

Xo, Hannah

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