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August 14, 2013


Nantes Nantes 2 Nantes 3 Nantes 4 Nantes 5 Nantes 6 Nantes 7 Nantes 8 Nantes 9 Nantes 10 Nantes 11 Nantes 12 Nantes 13
A couple weeks ago I went to Nantes with my friend Marie and our moms. These are the pictures from our trip... It was great fun. Marie and I have known each other for ten years now. We're like family. I love the first picture of the two of us because we look so childish and 'cute', like we're still ten years old. Vx


nishaantishu said...

Beautiful photos!

Lisa Pappalardo said...

I love getaways like that! Especially mum and daughter dates!

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

Mélodie Nicolle said...

Lovely photo of you on the beach, you look so happy it's so cute!

Giovanna said...

Such cute photos! Looks like such a fun trip! Loving the stained glass photo!


Anonymous said...

I love the shot of the beautiful stained glass!

Xo, Hannah

Mary Nguyen said...

you have amazing blog full of beautiful picture. it makes me want to travel so bad. keep it up! much love from Prague:)

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